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THINGS YOU CAN DO TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! From drkate, Dame Central, and others


1. Go and sign up with ACCDF/ACTIVE

2. Go to to see how to order free copies of Constitution or

3. ,,

4. Go to to download flyers; leave them on cars, bulletin boards, in front of magazines with O on the cover and stay current about the eligibility court cases.

5. Listen to "Constitutional Radio" Tuesday nights at 10 PM EST with drkate and Dame Truth Presents Constitutional R... [soon to be ] and "The Dame Truth" on Monday nights at 8 PM EST to educate and spread the word on news, actions to take and people to learn about! Stay tuned to learn more about our new site, "Rolling Rally for the Republic" and our sponsored Rolls!
[Keep calendars marked for June 13, May 31, July 4, Sept 11-12 and last weekend in October!]

6. Read blogs at , & , , , ,

7. Go to , go to Comments and click and sign docautry's petition!!!

8. Read Ten questions for everyone who voted for Obama and ,

9. Support , , ,

10. Practical daily matters:
TALK TALK TALK about what you know whenever you can

Always let at least one person know where you're going and when you'll be back

Try to go places with at least one other person

Always take a cell phone or gps

Put flyers everywhere

Wear Tee shirts with a message you can discuss ON THE FRONT. DO NOT USE BACKS!! (Safety reason)

Some additional:

1. Check for actions, which include twittering, postcards, etc. regarding the quo warranto at:

2. If you cannot attend conference calls on eligibility issues, you can listen to the recording at: The one with DrKate and Dame Central is not up yet as Tess has been getting ready to move. Check back for updates. It is also sometimes broadcast on

3. Sign the petitions that Wake Up America Movement (WAM) has been doing regarding bills that Congress is trying to pass. WAM is in the process of redesigning the website and it has a new address. We also have further support through PatriotsHeartNetwork and a WAM member will be a guest on Satudays. More info later on that.

You can go to click on Take a Stand and scroll down to the current petition for the Dream Act Amnesty.

You will also be given the opportunity to sign up for things you want to follow or with which you want to help.

5. Attend as many rallies as you can. There are many more tea parties being organized so look for upcoming announcements of those as well as the ones mentioned above that drkate and dame central mentioned.

There is also a Flag Day Rally to honor our Flag and Constitution on June 14.

6. Sign up for Stephen Pidgeon's National Grand Jury. His is the first one that got started and he is still needing a few more applicants due to the way it is being done. Read about it at:

7. If you are receiving this by email, attached you will find a list of foreign press contacts. If our media will not listen, then we will start sending our questions and information to the foreign press to get out the news. Send them the pics and info on all our peaceful rallies that are being organized to save our country.

If you have others to add, please send them to me and I will add.

If you are reading on a forum where it will not allow me to attach, then contact me, and I will send it to you. I just need your email address.

There are many actions but this will get us all started.

Since our liberal media refuses to acknowledge this historical revolt, email your Tea Party photos, or any other factual news, to foreign newspapers and press agencies in the U.K., France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Canada at the following email addresses:’’

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