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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it


It's easy to think of yourself that way.

There are people I have spoken to who had never even bothered to vote before, some who didn't even know what a Precinct Judge was, and some who didn't know the difference between a Senator and a Representative.

That has changed, and nothing demonstrates this as much as the Brown vs. Coakley campaign in Massachusetts, like the campaign in New York's 23rd Congressional District, to just mention two important examples of what can be done with "mobilizing" Conservative efforts and organizing them to achieve our goals.

At this time the socialist propaganda media is giving the calamity in Haiti its due,and that is taking much of the air-time. If those reports show anything, it is what can happen to a country when it deteriorates into chaos due to failed economic policy, corruption, and a dissolution of the moral infrastructure. When the pillars of the social foundation collapse, there is nothing to sustain it in a natural catastrophe. Haiti now faces even further deterioration from the aftermath of the tremor.

We are experiencing a similiar catastrophe here in the U.S. culturally and politically.

While we are a significanct distance from the Haitian earthquake here, measured in miles and in the cultural separation, Haiti is providing a glimpse of how things can deteriorate from the lack of positive action by those who care what kind of a society they live in, what they provide for themselves, and what kind of a future they are creating.

And this is why NOW is the time. Today, this weekend, this very minute YOU are the one that matters most. This is about YOU, and what you can do to make your mark in the long roster of actions that are recorded in the annals of history. Your actions this week may prove to be the decisive factors in whether we get the corrupt-behind-closed-doors Health Care program that is actually an attempted coup by National Socialists, an attempt to take over your nation through deceptive, manipulative, and oppressive legislation that will change not only our Nation, but its foundations, the very pillars that sustain our way of Life.

Right now there are people at the grassroots level in Massachusetts, stuffing envelopes, making phone calls, knocking on doors, talking to others, getting out the vote for an election, which in any other decade would have meant business as usual in Boston, and Washington, and across the nation. Today, however, every minute, every second, and every action you take counts toward making a difference on what kind of a nation you will live in after this year.

If Coakley gets elected, the future will be grim, as the arrogance of her campaign has shown. If it has told a tale, her campaign has demonstrated that Coakley felt she could waltz into office without any effort because she was entitled to that position, because she was the one anointed to move in.

As reported by Michelle Malkin, Coakley's campaign coffers have been stuffed with $1 million of SEIU Union money to make sure that Coakley gets elected. See that HERE.

She says: "They’re not about to roll over and play nice while their 60-vote supermajority slips away."

Neither should you roll over and let them keep that majority. You can make a difference in what happens. You can show Boston, Massachusetts, Washington, and the WORLD, exactly what can happen when Conservatives decide to say "NO" to National Socialist plans for a take-over of your country.

Some weeks ago Scott Brown was about 20 points behind in the polls. Coakley was going to slide into office with almost no effort. Today Scott Brown leads in some polls and is favored to win. But that could change, as the socialists give a final big-money push to get their candidate elected..

The future hangs in the balance, and it is WHAT YOU DO TODAY that will make a difference.


3 days left - GO HERE NOW

Anyone across the country who is interested in making calls from home to citizens of Massachusetts on Scott Brown's behalf, please contact Field Director Brad Hansen at: or call 509-595-4683


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