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Thought of Judge Roy Moore in Senate has CNN in tizzy

Judge Roy Moore appears to be steamrolling his way to the U.S. Senate, having finished No. 1 among several candidates for the Republican nomination, beating President Trump’s endorsed candidate Luther Strange who he will face in a Sept. 26 runoff.

Moore is outpolling the establishment Republican pick 51-32, picking up the votes cast for others by a 2-1 ratio.

And that’s got CNN’s attention.

So CNN just broke a story that the network apparently thinks will do-in the constitutional conservative famous for refusing to remove a Ten Commandments monument (sound familiar?) from the Alabama Supreme Court he presided over, losing the coveted position for his principled stand.

What’s the big CNN scoop?

You better sit down for this one.

Here’s the lead: “Moore has cast doubt on former President Barack Obama’s citizenship repeatedly and as recently as December 2016.”

Apparently, CNN didn’t notice that Trump sailed to the White House despite being labeled as a “birther.”

Actually, Moore never questioned Obama’s “citizenship,” and the “fake news” network knows that.

What he questioned was whether Obama had proven to be a “natural born citizen,” as the U.S. Constitution requires. CNN characterizes Moore’s role as “fueling the debunked ‘birther’ movement that sought to delegitimize Obama’s presidency.”

CNN also noted that Trump also questioned Obama’s eligibility, calling the issue “racially charged.”

In 2008, CNN also noted that Moore told, where he served as a weekly columnist, that a major investigation was needed as to Obama’s eligibility.

“In 2010, speaking with WND again, Moore said there is substantial evidence that Obama is not a natural-born citizen,” CNN reported Tuesday night.

Moore also alluded to the birther issue when he formed a presidential exploratory committee in 2011. On his website for the committee, he included a copy of his birth certificate, according to the Associated Press and Washington Post.

“In 2013, Moore dissented in an Alabama Supreme Court case closely tied to the birther conspiracy,” CNN reported. “The court ruled 7-2 in dismissing a 2012 lawsuit that sought to have Alabama’s secretary of state certify the birth certificate of presidential candidates before their names could appear on the general election ballot.”

Me Here.....A Senator Moore would be a great addition to the US Senate.  That would be one more that respected the Constitution and not afraid to vote that way.

I was a bit surprised that Judge Moore led in the Primary.  No one was chatting about him in the primary.  No big name was endorsing him, not even President Trump.

I have a friend in Alabama.  He tells me that Judge Moore is still highly respected and popular.  One issue not in the story is Judge Moore stood up to the radical homosexuals and defended traditional marriage.  He properly defied the improper Supreme Court ruling blocking it in Alabama.  That stance is still very popular in Alabama.

From what I have seen he is leading in the run off and will likely win the election.

So it seems, look out US Senate....Here Comes The Judge!

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