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Trump Approval Ratings Skyrocket Despite Liberal Resistance Movement


Donald Trump is turning out to be the President that his massive throng of supporters truly hoped that he would be, according to a new poll.

Furthermore, President Trump’s approval numbers are rising in the weeks following his election, despite consistent and obnoxious resistance to his policies and his personality being flung at him from all manner of liberal directions.  As it pertains to his persistence on immigration reform and repairing healthcare, Trump is absolutely smashing the expectations of the leftist mainstream media, who has done nothing but lambast and stymy the Commander in Chief for the entirety of his fledgling presidency.

“More Americans approve of the job Donald Trump is doing as president and of the direction the country is headed, according to Morning Consult/POLITICO surveys conducted over the past six weeks.

“The most recent poll, conducted March 9-13, found that 52 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s job performance, compared with a 49 percent approval rating shortly after Inauguration Day. This month’s survey found that 43 percent of respondents do not approve of the president’s job performance.

“When asked about the direction of the country, 46 percent of Americans said they believe the country is on the right track, up 4 points since a late January poll and up 17 points since immediately after Election Day, when just 29 percent of voters felt the same way. Still, 54 percent of voters said the country is on the wrong track, 4 percentage points lower than immediately after Trump took office.”

This is all excellent news for the Trump team as they prepare to do battle in the legislative branch due to continued resistance to the President’s healthcare initiatives, as well as fending off federal judge challenges to his necessary, temporary travel ban.

Me Here......I have seen polls with number of results.  Many show Trump in much worse shape.  With how inaccurate the polls with prior to the election, I still have to wonder how accurate any of them are including this one.

Many of the polls are very biased.  If it isn't the questions, it is the "corrections" they do to fit their assumptions.  So between both, you can't trust the result.  You just can't make 3+4=1, but the pollsters sure try!!!!


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