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Trump…Russia….Putin…Bigger than Watergate?


All I can say is give me a break!  But this is what the DNC Trump Derangement Syndrome War Room is pushing now.  Where were these people with Usurper Barry Soetoro, Hillary Clinton Holder and Lynch?  I guess either their heads were in the sand or up the poop chute from kissing rear!

Watergate, I lived through it, was a failed break in of the DNC offices in the Watergate Building in DC.  It was not authorized by President Nixon.  President Nixon did have an active role in trying to cover it up.  This included erasing some 17 minutes of a tape recording he was making in the Oval Office.

Barry will always be a Constitutional nightmare.  He was not a Natural Born Citizen.   The Democrats covered that up.  He put out a forged long form birth certificate.  The Democrats covered that up.  His administration was riddled with people with ties to various Muslim groups with ties to terrorism.  The Democrats covered that up.  Plus the Republicans had no backbone to go after these facts.  The race card would be played if they did.

Hillary was deep into “pay for play”.  That is a huge crime when she was Secretary of State.  She used the Clinton Foundation as a safe way to take the money.  Hillary used an unauthorized unsecured e-mail server to handle very classified e-mails.  Hillary destroyed her e-mail records.  She went to great lengths to prevent anyone from recover the e-mails.  This was far, far greater than what President Nixon ever did with the tape recording.  Hillary used the DNC HQ to sabotage Sanders campaign in the primaries.  We are learning the extent of Democrat cheating in the general election to stuff the ballot boxes for Hillary.   Here in Michigan the Secretary of State is doing a full audit of the election in three counties.  This should learn the extent of the cheating here.  Even with it, they LOST!

We had both Holder and Lynch as Attorney General using the office to act as defense attorney for both Barry and Hillary.  We had Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton on Clinton’s private jet just days Before the FBI announced they were not going to pursue felony charges against Hillary for her e-mail crimes.

Yet the Democrat Party has this fake news War Room in full crisis mode to destroy Trump.   They completely ignore the real serious crimes of Barry, Hillary, Holder, and Lynch.

Plus I will add how the Democrat Party screwed the entire nation when their Senators voted not to convict President Clinton of Impeachment.

So it should be clear to everyone that Democrat Party is ONLY interested in absolute power.  They will use any means, legal or illegal to get it.  They have proven beyond any doubt that breaking the law is normal for them.

With President Trump’s current problem the real criminals are the people that gave highly classified intel to the press to smear President Trump.  Those people must be found, charged, tried, and convicted of their most serious crimes.  I sure hope President Trump can find them and lock them up.

Any government employee with access to high lever classified information that leaks it for ANY reason will be dealt with severely.  Doing it for political purposes should make the punishment even more severe.

It is way past time for all elected Democrats to say ENOUGH!  President Trump is the President.  Those that can’t call for this to end should resign.  If this nation is to heal, this must happen.  The fake news War Room must be disbanded.

It is time for all to get real.  It is time to move on.  Work with President Trump to improve his ideas.  If you stand in the way, you should pay a heavy political price.

The Democrat party must own it to the crimes their people have committed before they start complaining about President Trump.  When they finally do that, then, maybe people will listen!  Until then, why should we?

SGT William A. Geresy (ret)

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