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Trump, Wire Taps, and the Russians....My Take on all This!

Wow!  When I got up this morning and read President Trump's tweet about be bugged by the White House here at Patriot's Heart, I knew today was going to be interesting.  It sure has been.  It is the news story of the day.

I have reposted several stories on the topic.  It seems everything is recorded.  We are all wire tapped.  Even this post will be wire tapped once I send it.  The only question is will a spook read it?  With our phone calls, will some spook listen to it?  Will some spook turn on the camera in your computer?  Will some spook turn on the microphone to your computer or telephone?  A bored spook is a dangerous spook. 

Who knows what the heck they are doing?  How many times has a spook done any of the above things just to see if anything explicit is going on?  I am sure it has happened a great many times.  It wouldn't take a FISA warrant to just eaves drop or play back a recorded call.  Maybe the spook is looking for someone sending a naked picture as an attachment to an e-mail?

President Trump, we Americans need protection from this probable abuse of our privacy.  Your spooks are collecting everything it seems.  They have the ability to call it up for no reason.  It is time to lock up this mega data so no bored spook can listen in.  No one should be able to access our private communications by any means without a darned good reason.  Look at what has happened to you.  It is time to end this abuse.

Now to the Russians.  My Mom this evening came up with a take on the story that I haven't heard any place else. 

We know the Russians almost certainly hacked into Hillary's illegal e-mail server.  The Russian knew about everything about her.  Through the Clinton Foundation, the Russian could buy and sell a President Hillary like a cheap trinket on E-Bay.  So she was not worth a lot of time to check out during the campaign.

President Trump once he declared his candidacy and he started winning was something the Russians had to check out.  Their spy system is infamous for gathering huge amounts of intel whether at the moment it was important or not. Donald Trump not being a politician meant they needed everything and anything to try to figure him out.

So having their head spy, I mean ambassador, meeting with many of those associated with Trump is logical.

I doubt these meeting were to try to help Trump.  They read the polls and like many figured Trump didn't have a chance in November.  But far better in the Russian mind to have all the intel they can get just in case the unthinkable happened.  It did, Trump won.

These meetings were to gather intel to help the Russians understand Trump.  To get to know better those backing Trump.

I am thinking that the Democrats are doing is attempting to put a false narrative to these Russian intel gathering meetings to say the Russians were helping Trump in some completely unknown way.

Now put two and two together.  We have our own spooks wire tapping everything.  If the Russians had been helping Trump in any real way, Barry's spooks would have spilled the beans about this BEFORE the election.  The simple fact they didn't tells us they found NOTHING!  So despite all the ranting by the Democrats, there isn't even a hint of smoke!

Well, not quite.  The Democrats are blowing huge amounts of smoke in our face trying to get us to believe there is something out there that their spooks couldn't find!

Trump's early morning tweets have told us far more than his few words.  We are all being spied on!

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