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this is a precursor to an article I am still currently researching and putting together...but in the process of doing that, this intermediary step was inescapable to provide the REAL 'big picture'. This will blow you away! I have the introduction only posted, the .pdf file is attached at the bottom of the post to the entire article.

For those that have been following my work you know that I have been exposing the United Nations Agenda 21 Programme of Implementation quite diligently. Agenda 21 is a political framework for implementing policies towards a 'sustainable future'. A vitally important aspect to successfully implementing Agenda 21 is educating the world to readily embrace it's radical transformations of society. To this end, The Earth Charter was developed and adopted by UNESCO, and it's re-educational objectives run concurrent with Agenda 21.

Following my preceding article entitled Artificial Paradise, Inc. it was requested of me to provide even more depth. By necessity this requires an exposé of the Earth Charter in order to complete the 'big picture'. In beginning my research for such an article, it quickly became apparent that the Earth Charter itself could not be properly understood unless there was an understanding of the agency that was destined to embrace and promulgate it - UNESCO. What follows in this overview is only a compilation of excerpts from the founding documents of UNESCO; there is no original editorializing. Each selection is accompanied by the page number to the original document from which my excerpt was taken. The only thing original about this post is the cool cover design, this opening explanation, and how I made bold pertinent text within the original document itself.

It is possible for a person to say that I have selected excerpts out of context so as to imbue my desire to ascribe nefarious intent where none was intended. At the conclusion of this article is the link to the original document for anyone that wishes to prove I have somehow been unjust in my selectivity.

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