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Many graduates have achieved worldwide Slany, for example, the English poet Philip Sidney and the famous naturalist Charles Darwin, of our contemporaries - an astrophysicist and head of the Royal Society, Martin Rees. Shrewsbury continues to accept students with great potential and are capable of great discoveries.

Every year the school receives about 120 boys aged 13 years. A joint training program (the last 2 years of school) takes about 20 boys and 50 girls.

2 of the statues of Charles Darwin and Sir Philip Sidney in Shrewsbury embody the philosophy of the school. Sidney - diplomat, soldier and poet - a talented man of broad views, symbolizes the respect, compassion and generosity. Darwin recalls the thirst for knowledge, dedication and strength of mind. Both had great talent, combined with humility and a desire to help others. Such quality school seeks to develop in their students. The Shrewsbury School welcome every new student here reveal the true student talents, helping them to develop and give confidence that they can achieve much more than they could imagine themselves.

The Shrewsbury School strives to educate independent minds, the students should be prepared for further life in the university. The main academic course is reinforced with additional educational and cultural activities. Lectures, debates, art exhibitions, concerts, competitions arouse curiosity and promote the true education.


Theater and visual arts - it is always a source of inspiration and joy, and the students happy to take part in them. Many performances, plays, concerts and exhibitions provide an opportunity to show their creativity and learn to work as a team.

For lovers of the fine arts school is ready to offer spacious and bright studio, two art galleries, a room for lectures on the history of art, a "dark" room for photo and class of ceramics, as well as many trips with a visit to the world-famous galleries and museums in the UK and elsewhere in Europe or in America.

Also, it should be said about the variety of extracurricular activities at Shrewsbury School. In addition to sports, music and drama, at Shrewsbury School, there are many clubs and societies. It offers a comprehensive program for the weekend. There are regularly conducted expeditions, trips, sports tours, foreign travel.

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