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Vindictive Hillary Warns of Presidential Abuse

Hillary Clinton has a serious warning about Donald Trump: “Imagine if he had not just Twitter and cable news to go after his critics and opponents, but also the IRS, or for that matter our entire military. Given what we have seen and heard, do any of us think he’d be restrained?

Funny she should mention those things. What, indeed, would it be like to have a president who used the vast might of Washington against private citizens? Why, it might look like the last eight years.

Barack Obama used the IRS to target Tea Party conservatives for years leading up to the 2012 election, and it may never be known how much that boosted his re-election effort. Of course, he won’t ever be implicated, having skillfully covered his tracks so the only people ever to be blamed were obscure bureaucrats. This targeting also wasn’t known until May 2013, after Obama was safely ensconced in the Oval Office for his second term. And it was only last month that the total enemies list was revealed. The Leftmedia, of course, has been largely mum about the scandal, leaving Hillary free to issue such warnings about Trump with little challenge or comparison beyond media outlets like ours.

Or take the military. While once again Obama’s fingerprints would never be found, the U.S. Army once prepped for Tea Party "terrorists” — a scandal we broke. Or there was the DHS effort to train for and combat right-wing extremists, as if American Patriots and not the radical Islamic terrorists Obama refuses to name are the real threat.

Did we mention Hillary Clinton keeps an actual enemies list?

So yes, Americans should fear a power-hungry and vindictive president. But that’s not some theoretical warning for Clinton to bandy about — it’s the outrageous reality of the man she seeks to succeed and emulate.

Me Here....Over the years I have learned something about what the true meaning is behind what Democrats say.  When they start blaming the GOP for this or that like in this article, they are really saying what they intend to do or have done.  So Hillary is telling us what her Presidency will be doing to America.  Thanks for telling us, Hillary!

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