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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it

Every movement in history starts with one person saying that they've had enough. People have been complaining for years about what’s going on in Washington DC and amazingly enough, complaining to friends and family didn’t seem to result in any change.

I, like many of you, have been waiting for SOMEONE to step up and lead but I finally decided that it was up to us. We owe it to our families, our fellow Americans and our country. So, the non-partisan National Vote of No Confidence Movement was born.

The VNC movement is designed to send a clear and direct message to the Career Politicians in Washington…You’re Fired! It is so simple yet powerful that it has the best chance of making the most impact in 2010 and beyond.

This is a movement that the every day man and woman can support by simply doing what they were probably doing already.

Register to vote as an Independent
Vote out the Incumbents in 2010
Tell everyone you know to do the same

The initial response to this movement has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive and the effort is growing in leaps and bounds. People FINALLY have something that they can believe in again and where their efforts will matter and their vote will count.

If not me, who?

If not now, when?

Believe in yourself.
Support the VNC Movement.
Make a difference.

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