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Watch – Protester: Gov. Whitmer ‘Putting Michigan in Donald Trump’s Win Column’

by Hannah Bleau

Radio host Steve Gruber, who attended Wednesday’s protest in Lansing, Michigan, on Wednesday, sent a pointed message to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D), pointing to the massive crowd of protesters in the area and reminding her that they will vote in November.
Thousands of protesters flocked to Lansing on Wednesday to protest the governor’s stringent stay-at-home orders and refusal to signal the reopening the economy. Gruber told Breitbart News that the governor is, effectively, “putting Michigan in Donald Trump’s win column again in 2020.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Not in the state capital. Not in a protest,” he said, stating that there were “tens of thousands” of people in attendance.
“But you look around. People want to go back to work. They don’t want to be told whether they can do gardening, whether or not they can do a home improvement project, or whether or not they can use their boat with a motor on it or go to their cabin up north,” he said.
“They want to be Americans which is being free, and they know the COVID-19 thing is in the backslide. They were okay with it for a while,” he noted, but said it has “gone on too long.”
“The economy is destroyed,” he said.
Most people in attendance, Gruber said, have “never been to a political protest in their life.”
“You know why? They used to have jobs. They didn’t have time. Now they’ve got to go here because they don’t have job. A million Michigan residents jobless because of this whole mess,” he said, adding that the anger is building up not only in Michigan “but in Pennsylvania, in New York, in Wisconsin, across this country.”
“Right now, what Gretchen Whitmer has done, is put Michigan back in Donald Trump’s column. Look at this,” he said as protesters honked in the background. “You think these people aren’t going to vote? These people are all going to vote. Every one of these people. Every direction you look here. They’re all going to vote. Every one of them.”
“Gretchen Whitmer is putting Michigan in Donald Trump’s win column again in 2020. Congratulations governor. Look what you’ve done. Maybe time to reconsider. She won’t, but she should,” he continued, adding that residents will end up taking their chances, come May 1.

Me Here....I wish I could have joined them!  Gov. Pothole's cure is worse than the problem for most of the state.  We are stuck with the typical liberal "One Size Fits All" solution.  Most of the problem is in Wayne County which is Detroit.  

Gov. Pothole has gone way beyond common sense in fighting this.  In big box stores much is roped off and banned for sale.  You are in deep doo-doo if your toilet fails.  You can't buy the parts to fix it.  You can't go fishing in a motorized boat.  

The electronic traffic signs on the 4 lane say, "Stay at Home".  

Governor Pothole, most of us just can't do that.  We do have lives to live!  Maybe you can stay at home.  In fact us Michiganders would be much better off if you stayed home until November 2022!  Even better would be for you to resign now.

An online poll has over 250K signatures demanding her recall.  I have signed it.  So has my Township Supervisor.  Here is the link.

This is not her first major blunder.  I call her Gov. Pothole for her first.  She promised to "Fix the Damned Roads!"  To do this she wanted a huge gas tax increase.  The GOP controlled legislature rejected the tax increase.  Instead they reworked the budget and came up with all they money without the tax.  She has a temper tantrum and line item vetoed the extra money.  So this year we have less to spend on roads than last year.  Than ain't fixing the roads!

Then she borrowed billions on her own authority for the roads.  Guess what, all that money is going to southeast Michigan.  Not a penny for my area, but we are stuck paying for it.

So is this just another Gov. Pothole temper tantrum over her gas tax being rejected?  It sure wouldn't surprise me!  Extreme liberals are just that vindictive!


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