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Lord Monckton has brought to public awareness the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and with it, the Globalist nature of our Administration and how 'climate change' is being used to foist political agenda.

Secrecy has been our politicians weapon against us. They continually create havoc within the minds of the people while distracting us from core issues. Their weapon can now be turned back against them. Our awareness will succeed in bringing this Administration to it's knees.

How? Simple. We now hold the key to unlock their 'treasure chest' and let Pandora fly free. Exposure of what they have done to this country, where they are leading us, and why they are leading us in this direction will cause a public outcry that will far exceed that of the Tea Parties that were not singularly united in their protests. The Tea Parties had the Patriotism, but they did not have 'the key'. Most of us have not. We have been absorbed in 'content', while the 'context' from which it all flowed remained largely hidden. Many others who have delved down the dark corridors of political corruption have gone overboard with non-provable conspiracy theories that failed to ever get main-stream attention. Lord Monckton has opened the door, and we need not speak in unsubstantiated hyperbole or present 'facts' that lead to dead ends when one begins to unravel their veracity. We now have irrefutable fact, it cannot be contested.

We need to sharpen the focus in regards to the UNFCCC. This is the treaty, but this treaty did not just pop-out of thin air. This treaty was a result of previous thoughts and programs that were compiled and published in 1992 as Agenda 21 (which you need to learn about by clicking this link). Agenda 21 is a program of implementation that is the resultant document of the Rio Earth Summit. From all the manufactured or erroneous proofs that man is the cause of what was once called 'global warming', a doctrine of thought arose to prevent man from destroying his environment. This thought is known as Sustainable Development, and it is from this thought that all these programs and treaties have been derived. It is all of this which is now being exposed not only as a hoax, but also as a political manipulation to enslave the people. No one likes being lied to or used, and this is why we will win.

Many people have known of Agenda 21 for a long time, but that knowledge did not have near the teeth it has today with Obama. Now we can directly relate the Czar's to Agenda 21 (since most of them helped author it). We can relate Health Care Reform and Cap & Trade directly to Agenda 21. We can link a myriad of laws and policies directly to Agenda 21. Their house of cards will crumble around their ankles!

We now have the weapon in our hand; the question is...will you use it?

Come to our Radio Show on this subject tonight! Details here:

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