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We were listening to the memorial being broadcast for the 20 coal miners lost in the most recent West Virginia mine accident and we were reminded that American men and women go to work every morning and as they check on their sleeping children wonder how they would grow up without their guiding hand should something happen to them on-the-job, especially after 9-11, when even file clerks were on the front lines of a conflict wrongfully brought to our shores.

On this day that we think about those families who have lost a father, brother, cousin or son so that the furnaces that make the steel for the Chevys and the Fords can be fired-up, for it is metallurgical coal that they were mining.

We have to wonder about the men that own the "the company store" in our country who commute from their ranches in Montana to Wall Street in their private jets so they don't have to be inconvenienced by taking-off their shoes at the airport because of the policies that their servants in Washington, D.C. who created the conditions that we have to endure in our country today. What do those men feel besides the loss of production for several days?

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs in the "Great Recession" that we are experiencing as the big corporations are still firing workers to boost their earnings, even as their stock prices are at the highest level since the "market low" in March 2009.

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Comment by Patriots For America on November 27, 2010 at 1:04pm
I was born in West Virginia and I still live in West Virginia. I watched it on the news, and people in other states, actually stood up and helped WV out. In my mind, thats what America is suppose to be. The government establishes all of these rules and laws at our airports. I agree with those laws, but what I dont agree with, is that they dont have to obey these laws, cause they are what people call "HIGHER AUTHORITY." They should have to do the same thing we have to go through, so somebody needs to let the American people know.....

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