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What are you Teaching Our Children? (letter to Congress)

Enclosed is what you are teaching our children, and those that stand in support of this regime are the very people that we will never cease in our vigor to oppose. To support a far-left communist paradigm is synonymous to treason in our minds. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Economic Education

Unfortunately for America, the “values, behavior, and lifestyles” that UNESCO requires for “societal transformation” run contrary to a Christian Worldview and American principles of liberty. The new educational curriculum is steeped in paganism, collectivism, and environmentalism.

For example, threat of environmental catastrophe is used to justify global governance including a planned economy. Children are indoctrinated to accept total control through biased economic lessons in their social studies texts. Compare the positive language describing government control over the economy to the negative language describing free-market systems:

  • Under a lesson on Stalin: “An economy completely controlled by government is called a command economy. Within just 20 years the Soviet Union became one of the world’s strongest industrial nations. Thousands of railroad lines crisscrossed the country, linking towns and cities that had never been connected before.”[22]
  • Castro’s Cuba: “For some people life became better under Castro’s communist dictatorship. There is less poverty since Castro gained control.”[23]
  • Mao’s China: [Next to a picture of Mao surrounded by cheering peasants]: “The Communists...had become very popular…. The Communists also worked with farmers, showing them ways to produce more crops… They provided housing, medical care, and food supplies for city workers. They supported education for all, along with equal rights for women.” [24]
  • American Economics: “Understanding Imperialism: The chief motivation behind imperialism is usually economic gain. Powerful nations can establish new markets for their manufactured goods…. Despite the importance of economics, Americans usually cited other reasons to justify their imperialism. Many Americans believed that they had a right and obligation to extend what they considered their superior culture to people less fortunate than themselves.” [25]
The message for our children is: True economic success comes from government control, but in America, success came from imperial aggression. Missing are the failures of socialism. Are these lessons having an effect? According to the National Center for Education Statistics report, “What Democracy Means to Ninth-Graders,” the answer is YES:

84.2 percent of 9th-graders now believe it’s the government’s responsibility to set prices.
63.5 percent believe government is responsible for “reducing differences in income and wealth among people.”
58.6 percent now believe government must “provide an adequate standard of living for the unemployed.” [28]

What’s frightening is that the US Dept. of Education considers these “attitudes” correct answers, and identifies them as “international principles of democracy!”

Social Education

The international “constellation of principles, values, attitudes, and behaviors” that our children “must embrace” are imbedded in today’s curriculum and divided into three major themes as explained in Agenda 21, the US Agenda for Action, and the US ESD Toolkit: They are: Sustainable Environment, Economy, and Society.

In other words, education is no longer about preserving liberty based on American principles, but transforming America based on international principles.

  • 2nd Grade Silver Burdett and Ginn Teacher’s Edition: “Why is the Earth one community? …Second graders develop a sense of being involved with other people and of the earth being everyone’s global home.” [30]
  • 4th Grade Houghton-Mifflin: “To be a community, people must share the same customs and have some common purpose…. You also belong to the world community. …The things we share in our world are far more valuable than those which divide us. …What might ‘global village’ mean? Ask [students] to find out more about the idea of a ‘global village.’… [31]
  • 5th Grade Houghton-Mifflin: “Today, the debate over how land is used involves the entire world.' [32]
  • 7th Grade McMillan, Teachers’ Edition: “Encourage students to think of such possibilities as government or voluntary agencies to regulate the sale of land, size of factories, hours of labor, supervision of children, etc. Discuss all possibilities.” [33]
  • 5th-9th Grade Constitutional Rights Foundation Curriculum: “The police power also allows the government to restrict the use of property…or force an owner to give up his or her land under the exercise of eminent domain…. Governments sometimes use the power of eminent domain to protect the environment. Taking land for environmental reasons generally falls under two categories: (1) controlling pollution and (2) preserving natural areas.” [34]

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