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Would anyone care to FOIA the minutes of the Obama Blair House meeting with 20 corporate chiefs,  " a mostly friendly crowd of CEOs (there wasn't an oil man or a health-insurace boss among them) (to) validate Obama's pro-business bona fides?" According to WAPO's Dana Milbank it all went "peachy-keen." (See his article HERE).

Milbank's report concluded the execs emerged from the four hour meeting all-a-bliss. "...Whatever Obama said privately to the executives over the next four-plus hours, they must have liked it. When they emerged from Blair House, several of them stopped at the microphones to welcome the president into the club of capitalists....'I think they have a lot of business acumen in the White House,'  judged UBS's Robert Wolf, an Obama golfing partner...'The president and a number of the business leaders there felt they were on the same team,' contributed Mark Gallogly, co-founder of Centerbridge Partners and one of those on the president's Economic Recovery Advisory Board...'We all want America to win!' gushed Amex's Chenault...."

While Milbank's article might be construed as vehemently sarcastic, it unfortunately captures a gruesome picture: Hannibal Lecter pretending to sit down to conference with twenty executives, while actually planning a menu and deciding which one will be the appetizer and which will be the main course.

The meeting comes as Legislators proposed a "tax compromise" and a nearly 2000 page pork-laden Omnibus Bill "to keep the Guv'ment going" that amounts to a "Congressional "F**** You for voting us out of office."  Luckily Reid pulled the Bill, because he did not have enough votes to pass it.

Good ole boy politicians and pundits urge Americans to support one or another of the many bills that epitomize the spend-and-bankrupt-the-nation crowd at Capitol Hill.  Even Charles Krauthammer was lamenting Republicans stuck between a "rock and a hard place," due to the risk of their taking the fall for a government shut down, as did the GOP during the Clinton-Gingrich confrontation in the nineties.

Krauthhammer warned on Fox News that Republicans would risk being blamed for a government shut-down if they failed to pass the funding bill.  But that prediction holds absolutely no water and neglects a huge national development that makes 2010 distinctly different from the Clinton years.  Principally, back then, while voters had elected a majority of Republicans to office, there was no Tea Party.  There was no 912 movement.  There was not a massive national Libertarian movement. There was no alternate media, mainly the internet, like there is today.  And there had been no 9-11 at that point.  Moreover, the Clinton Socialist Health Care Plan had been defeated in 1993, while in 2010 it was rammed down citizens' throats via secret deals, secret pork, secret favors, and few, if any on Capitol Hill had read the massive unconstitutional legislation before it was signed into law.

Where is the caucus of the newly elected Republicans that were voted in to prevent fiscal chaos?  Granted they are not yet in office, but what keeps them from being outraged in the name of those that elected them, meeting openly and loudly to condemn the various "compromises" and emergency actions by the incumbents?  Where are the threats of investigations and repercussions and the group cease-and-desist demands from the newly elected officials?  This is a gargantuan missed opportunity to confront the weasels and call them out for the thieves and traitors that they are.

In the meantime we are "coached" by pundit and politician alike, that "compromise is how business is done in Washington."  And from one media source to the other you hear the oohs and aahs of "Obama will just have to govern from the "center."

How about a campaign to make every member of the next Congress and any and all government employees take a course on the American Constitution BEFORE they are allowed near any decision making process in Washington, and include in that mandate a panel of proven Constitutionalists to oversee any legislation that emerges from Congress to ensure that it is Constitutional BEFORE it is passed into law?  And even better yet, why don't we make it a CRIME for any Legislator to be subject to criminal prosecution who lets any legislation through that was not proven without a doubt to be Constitutional.?  It is after all a duty of all Congressional members to uphold and defend the Constitution is it not?  How about a panel of proven Constitutionalists to oversee this?

Let the Courts handle the after-the-fact challenges to the Legislation as they do today.

But back to the corporate meeting of high-level executives:  Has this been the plan all along? Is this the Clintonista agenda that was derailed by the Monica Lewinsky affair?  Has it finally come to fruition via Obama?  Was the plan all along to swing the pendulum so far to into National Socialism that when it swung back, the proverbial "middle" had moved vastly to the Left, and we would be left with a "mod-ret"  Obama embracing Capitalism?

Picture a Clinton cow-towing to Republicans, horse-trading Welfare reform and other reforms for what?  Decimating the military?  Letting terrorists run rough-shod over the U.S. culminating on a massive terror attack on 911? A massive economic debacle at the hands of Socialist Democrats and Republicans?  Giving away our national security secrets to the Chinese?

How foreboding is the image of Clinton at a press conference at the Obama White House?  Oh sure, there's our old pall Bill, presser-ing it up with the White House Press Corps.  Yep. Middle-of-the-road, morally clue-less Bill, hijacking the press conference. We'll all go to the party; you just keep answerin' them questions, Bill.  It was those mean devils, Pelosi and Reid that made Obama "do it."  Why he's up there with Bill doncha see?  Middle of the road!  Didn't you see him with all them corporate execs today?

Why, before you know it, they'll be calling him a "Compassionate Conservative."

They have the New World Order all sewn up, don't they?  And with your support.
The only thing missing is a crisis/distraction that brings the world to the brink of war.  Oh wait. North Korea.  Right.

What say you have a change of heart and start sharpening your litigating swords, and bring the dastards to Justice?  

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