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White House Has "Fishy" Repsonse To Healthcare Protests

The following is an excerpt from an op/ed piece in today's The Cypress Times: Christian. Conservative. Online. Daily News.

'“Hi, we’re from the White House, do you mind turning in your neighbors who disagree with our policy?”

Yesterday, I commented on the wave of disgruntled citizens who are showing up at Democratic Town Hall Meetings held by members of Congress all over the U.S. In that article, I mentioned that Texas Congressman Lloyd “Tail between his legs” Doggett said these protesters were organized by the GOP and insurance companies. Then Doggett took it further saying, “the protesters have a script disseminated by the GOP, insurance companies, and others.”

A Script! I have to report today that there is in fact a script. There must be, because every single self-inflated, elitist left-wing loon on talk radio and television yesterday used that script. We even have one who made a comment on my original article yesterday.

Here’s the “script” for Democrats:...." Read the rest of the article and see the DNC AD attacking Americans HERE.

Also see: Concerned Constituents Dog Doggett

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