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Why is there a mad rush to pass legislation by a lame-duck Congress?  While it appears that they are merely accelerating the pace to ensure that the programs they so vehemently believe in are securely engraved into legislation before their terms are up, in actual fact there is much more to the "rush to legislate."  It is fear that drives them, but what exactly are they afraid of?

In two words:  TEA PARTY.  To a significant extent, the Tea Party is the political manifestation of Ayn Rand's (In the book "Atlas Shrugged) all-out "labor" strike by the "Producers" against the "looters,"  i.e., the socialists.  In Rand's book the strike basically turns off the spigot of support by industrialists and other producers, and initiates the collapse of the looters, since they cannot on their own produce anything, except, of course, looting.

While I understand this is a shallow and very basic reference to Ayn Rand's philosophical treatise, nevertheless, the Tea Party is about to carry out what amounts to turning off the spigot upon which today's looters depend for nourishment for their political aims.

The Democrat Socialists' worst nightmare is the cutting off of the funds collected from PRODUCERS in order to fund the socialist agenda and their wide range of programs that are geared to expand government and increase their power.

While the Democrat Socialists want to ensure that the bankrupting of the nation progresses, they wish to maintain the taxing and spending ability of their Socialist government entities in order to continue to govern and to continue their incessant quest to seize even more power.

An entire list of programs will be put into effect by Presidential Executive Decree, or Executive Orders, via existing regulations already on the books, in order to ensure that the balance of power remains in their favor, if any of their legislation happens to fail before the current Congress' term expires.

But essentially the next Congress will have the ability, albeit somewhat limited by the measured wins in the 2010 elections, to shut off the faucets upon which the Socialists so critically depend.  Too often our well-meaning electorate overlooks or ignores that the government they so avidly complain about is to a very great extent, funded by them.

Granted, they are doing so at the point of a gun, through mandated taxes, but as the recent elections have shown, and as the even more recent defeat of the Omnibus Bill so aptly demonstrates, if the Producers/financiers of government, i.e., the Conservative electorate decides to flex its muscle and close its wallet, it can and will do so.

Already the Ayn Rand strike is creating a major upheaval in government.  So much so that the old school Republicans are pretending to be "snookered" by a crafty, conniving President into compromising on key legislation.  The deals are being brokered, and the Rino's are selling out, and there is the business-as-usual back-scratching and nod-and-wink attempts to co-opt and derail the Tea Party electoral mandates.

Be assured:  There is no need to compromise with the looters of your hard earned money, which they have taken at gun-point, by force, under penalty of prison or worse, if you do not comply with handing over your treasure.  Instead, the order of the day should continue to religiously and meticulously turn off the spigot, continue with tax cuts, initiate and expand incentives for production, and initiate the return of commerce, business, trade, entrepreneurship, with the commensurate dismantling of any Socialist vestiges that remain in government.

Moreover the continued fight to systematically eradicate the grasp on American culture by the Socialist parasites should be expanded, with resources created to advance their demise here in the U.S.,  as well as the demise of the foreign enablers that are so obviously in collusion with the traitors to our nation.

It is, at this point, very significantly this:  If the Socialist looters do not have your money with which to oppress you, they are less likely to be able to obtain the means and the power to do so.  And by the way, in case you did not realize it, you can make it illegal for them to borrow from the Fed, from China, or from anyone, and you would be very prudent to make it so.


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