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Wilmington Airpark: Saudi Arabian 747 Ripped In Half, Sitting On Tarmac In Ohio -

Wilmington Airpark: Saudi Arabian 747 Ripped In Half, Sitting On Tarmac In Ohio -

A Saudi Arabian 747′s front fuselage section has been located in an airpark in rural Ohio. Youtuber, Montagraph speculates that the imagery is current.

July 6, 2013

Note: At this time this is a request for more intelligence information. We need RECON.

WILMINGTON, OHIO — Ever since the attacks on the World Trade Center (WTC) complex in 2001, the U.S. government has used fear and terror to further strip our rights that were granted to us as U.S. citizens per the Constitution of the United States signed by our forefathers. In fact, a good amount of people in America believe that the attacks on the WTC were likely a government sponsored “false flag” event to usher in a tyrannical police state.

Since we have seen various (likely) false flag events manifest such as the “Underwear Bomber”, the Aurora Theatre Shooting, the Sandy Hook Massacre, and most recently the Boston Marathon Bombing. The footprint is easily distinguishable if you’re a well researched individual. In fact, the patterns are nearly predictable at this stage and anything could be on the table.

Friday a popular YouTuber brought out some startling information. The “Wilmington Airpark” in Ohio has an interesting piece of equipment on the runway.

Google Maps shows that a Saudi Arabian airliner, which appears to have been involved in some type of crash or mock-up form, sits alone on the Southern tarmac at the airport. At first though one would think that this massive front section of a 747 fuselage could be being used for training purposes. But on second thought, no way. Why would it be mocked-up as a Saudi airliner?

Montagraph stated in his video that, “This is the type of information that is going to require help from individuals such as Roy Potter”.

Montagraph gives instruction in the video on how you can view the Saudi 747 for yourself using “Google Maps”.

“I don’t remember a plane crash of that size occurring any time, ever….. Why would a Saudi Arabian 747 be sitting on a tarmac in rural America”, points out Montagraph?

Montagraph goes on to describe how the wing flaps have been removed.

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Comment by Chalice on July 6, 2013 at 9:57am

WOW - I looked this up and the plane is showing up on the runway.  How did it get there? 

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