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While we don't have all the details, more than enough is known to have the Democrats anti-gunners fuming!

The shooter wasn't a man.

The shooter wasn't a conservative or even better a TEA Partier.

The shooter wasn't NRA.

The shooter didn't use a so called "assault rifle".

The shooter wasn't Christian it appears.

The shooter was a vegan.

The shooter was very animal rights.

The shooter was very mad a You Tube, not for deleting pro-gun videos, but for apparently restricting her exercise videos for being too racy.

None of this fits the gun grabbers narrative.  Plus how much do you want to be that You Tube is a "gun free zone"?

We are left to wonder what the heck was going through this left leaning ladies mind.  Too bad this coward and criminal shot and killed herself.  We see again the left is very angry and violent.  You have to wonder if there is any connection to all the hate put out by the Democrats and their media.  

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