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The Lib on the Plane

So, I was flying back home to Florida after performing at the fund raiser in Sacramento, CA. I will fly back to Sacramento to begin the national tour, Aug 28th. Please check the website to see when we are coming to your town. I would LOVE to shake your hand, continuing my Million Hand Shake March.

Anyway, a white liberal was seated next to me on the two hour connecting flight to Denver. He insisted on starting a conversation, asking numerous questions. After learning I was a singer associated with the Tea Party movement, he assumed, me being black, I was working against the protesters. This lib was stunned to hear I was one of the protesters. He said, “And they accept you a black guy and with a braid? And you feel comfortable around those people?” Though sounding like a jerk, he was truly not trying to be rude. He genuinely believed conservatives are up tight and the tea party protesters are racists.

For two hours we passionately verbally jousted, Lloyd “Dark Knight Conservative” Marcus against Sir Mind Numb Emotion Driven Liberal. We both kept our debate respectful and even laughed a lot. Although, I wanted to rip his heart out when he said our troops were murderers and rapists. By God's Grace, I remained calm.

I was struck by his underlying desire to think the worse of his country, capitalism and God. This is a common thread I have seen in most liberals.

Still, I believe I got this guy thinking. I gave him my card and told him to call me when his, “come to Jesus” moment happens. My gut, tells me it could be soon. I'll keep y'all posted. I am so looking forward to meeting many of you on the Tea Party Express Tour.

God bless, Lloyd

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