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Beware the Government-Media Complex!

secularstupidest | July 31, 2010

[Content Warning!]

Time was when American media wore their biases on their sleeves. The history of media ethics shows this system of honesty in media bias, so common in the nineteenth century, giving way to the doctrine of "objectivity" early in the twentieth century. Media historians chart the zenith of objectivity's prominence occurring around the 1950's. However, over the last fifty years objectivity has succumbed to a state of confusion.

The huge American media conglomerates have not admitted this seismic cultural shift towards accepting the reality of media bias (although understood as a fact by most of their consumers). They still march under the false advertising of "objectivity" and "neutrality". Wouldn't it be better for our nation if newspapers, not to mention other forms of media, simply displayed openly their prejudices and points of view? Imagine: "The New York Democrat Times", "The Los Angeles Liberal Times", "The Washington Post and Democrat", "Boston Liberal Democrat Globe".
As Charles Griffin Ross turns in his grave, and the American Mainstream Media harbors a warm spot for yellow journalism, It is time to pull the mask of "objectivity" off these malignant cultural tumors we call "journalists".

Video excerpts of the anti-war rally are from across the web, and are used for commentary under the "fair use" statute.

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