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Brown’s Mother’s Boyfriend, Said “I’m Going To Start A Riot” Right Before He Encouraged People To “Burn This Bitch Down”

This is BREAKING NEWS! Interesting that the earlier videos did not show this... People seen on the stage set the police car on fire a few minutes later.


Posted on December 5, 2014 by sundance

After Mike Brown’s Step-Dad, Louis Head, screamed “burn this bitch down”, the surrounding crowd did just that. Ferguson Missouri erupted in arsonist flames and riots.

Now, explosive new video of the events leading up to the Ferguson riots shows Mr. Head pre-planning the clarion call. It was not, as his advocates and apologists have claimed, a poor display of spontaneous emotion.

Mr. Head is bottom of screen, center/left:

@00:16 …”no, if I get up there, I’m going to start a riot”…

In the aftermath of the violence, looting and arson, Saint Louis authorities stated they were looking into potential criminal charges against Mr. Head which might include “incitement to riot”.

Despite both Mike Brown’s mom, Lesley McSpadden, and Step-Dad Louis Head, having prior knowledge of the grand jury decision – the sympathetic media, the members of the Mike Brown family, and the overwhelming majority of the professional grievance class, dismissed potential criminal charges and even attacked law enforcement for proposing such an insensitive position.

The sympathetic advocates claimed Mr. Louis Head was overwhelmed with instantaneous emotion, and should not be held accountable for his repeated angry spontaneous outburst: “Burn This F**king Bitch Down“!

Last Wednesday Mr. Head issued a statement through the Brown family attorney:

“I screamed out words that I shouldn’t have screamed in the heat of the moment,” Head said in a statement sent to media outlets. “It was wrong and I humbly apologize to all of those who read my pain and anger as true desire for what I want for our community. It wasn’t.”

However, this explosive video proves that Louis Head’s call to violence was not spontaneous, or in the emotional “heat of the moment“. Before he climbed on the car to join Lesley McSpadden, Mike Brown’s step-dad clearly says:

@00:16 “Burn,… no, if I get up there, I’m going to start a riot“

There is absolutely no doubt Louis Head is exhibiting both “malice of forethought”, and “specific intent”.


Lesley McSpadden: :02 “Y’all wrong, y’all wrong, y’all wrong, y’all wrong”

Louis Head: 00:08 “Burn this bitch down”

McSpadden: 00:09 “They Wrong”

Head: 00:10 “Burn this bitch down”

Head: 00:12 “Burn this bitch down”

Head: 00:15 “Burn,… no, if I get up there, I’m gonna start a riot”

Head: 00:18 “Burn this shit down”

McSpadden: 00:25 “why Lord, why, why”? “They still don’t care.” “They ain’t never gonna care”.

[…] At 01:15 Louis Head climbs onto top of vehicle with McSpadden. Moments later, as he previously stated he would, Louis Head begins the chant “Burn this bitch down”

Head: 01:47 “Burn this bitch down, burn this bitch down”. “Hand me a fucking mic”. “Burn this bitch down”. “Burn this bitch down”. “Burn this bitch down”.

In the pictorial collage below the top two pictures show characters surrounding Louis Head when instructions were shouted to crowd. The bottom four pictures show the same characters burning a Saint Louis Police car moments later.

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