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Charles Schumer Sums Up The Tea Party Perfectly

This is an EXTREMELY important video. Schumer is setting the talking points forward. While it will take 9 minutes of your time to listen to it, I suggest it is important to understand where the political field is being defined for 2014 and 2016. This is the seductive conversation that will be used to attempt to persuade voters.

How will these talking points be countered?

Originally sourced from TheRightScoop.

Schmucky Chucky gave a speech yesterday talking about a weakness in the Tea Party. He claims its the difference between the Tea Party members and something he calls the Tea Party elite, which in reality there is no such thing. The Tea Party is a grassroots movement with no leaders. What he’s really talking about when he says Tea Party elite are Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, the Koch brothers, and anyone else with big money and a big message.

This difference, he claims, between the two is that the regular ole Tea Party members love government, but they just don’t know it. This is because they’ve been infected by this Tea Party elite to believe that government is the source of all their problems.

Schmucky Chucky claims to have asked Tea Party members on several occasions if they like Medicare, and they always respond that they love it. To him that’s the ultimate test that proves his point. And the implication here is that Tea Party members are so stupid they don’t realize that Medicare is a government program. Schmucky says that in the end Tea Party members are just repeating the talking points given to them by their leaders like Rush Limbaugh and if it weren’t for these Tea Party elite, they’d realize that government is really awesome or something.

Published on Jan 24, 2014

Charles Schumer, in a Thursday 1/23 speech at the Center for American Progress, summed up the Tea Party so perfectly that you have to hear it for yourself! Now, let's follow Schumer's lead and weaken the stranglehold this terrorist organization has on our nation!

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