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Rush Limbaugh Bashes GOP 'Establishment': 'Embarrassed' to Be Associated With 'Lunatic' Ted Cruz

He says, "So they inside the Beltway miss, alot, that they they don't have any idea t hat they miss..."

One guy, standing up, can change EVERYTHING, and can stop the status quo in their tracks!

Onward, Patriots!

Published on Oct 17, 2013

10/17/13 - Now that the government shutdown is over, many in the Washington establishment, including Republicans, aren't exactly happy with Ted Cruz. Rush Limbaugh went after these Beltway types for being "embarrassed" by Cruz instead of embracing him. Limbaugh said it was stunning to the Republican establishment to see "one guy with some supporters" rising up and shaking up the system. He said the GOP ought to have "45 Ted Cruzes" in the Senate, but instead of embracing him, Republicans are "embarrassed" and "hope nobody thinks they like Cruz" because they're terrified of being associated with him.

Just as these same people so eagerly called Sarah Palin a "ditz," Limbaugh said, they are now throwing Cruz under the bus with words like "lunatic." He touted how Cruz, unlike other Republicans, was able to get around the media filter in the same way Ronald Reagan could.

Limbaugh also went after liberals for targeting people like Reagan and Cruz who expose "how liberalism fails," and so "when liberalism is defeated, whoever engineers that defeat... must be destroyed."

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