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Ted Cruz Exposes the Amnesty Bill... $5000 Penalty for Hiring Citizens Over Legalized Aliens

Boehner wants to pass Amnesty. His coalition is secretly working on a way to pass it. The coalition includes Rep Paul Ryan.

It is up to the grassroots to hold the House accountable. This video of Cruz is from June, but his analysis is still valid and true.

We have to keep this issue in the news... My concern is the House will wheel and deal to defund Obamacare with Amnesty legislation goals as a tool in the negotiation.

The silence on this issue does not mean it has gone away, it indicates they are in the backrooms...

Published on Jun 28, 2013

this is sheer madness. the people that are already citizens will be put on the back burner for US businesses that are at least 50+ to choose illegals over the citizens. Basically if you hire a citizen over one of the new 11 million legalized you (the business owner) will be penalized $5000 per head!

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