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The COVID Panic Mafia's Mask Fetish Just Went Up in Flames. MIT Researchers Torched It.

How many times have we seen it from the liberal media? They detail a large gathering, with the insufferable comment “no masks.” The mask has been the crutch for the panic peddlers, something they think offers a total shield against COVID. Wrong. It doesn’t. I…


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War Room: Rachel Maddow Is Worried about what AZ Election Audit will Find — She Knows Georgia Is Next (VIDEO)

By Jim Hoft

[edited to correct titles]

MSNBC “editor” Rachel Maddow spent several minuted again on Friday night nervously warning her audience about the forensic audit taking place in Arizona. Maddow is already moving on to try to deligitimize the auditors as fringe activists and conspriracy theorists. She knows and top Democrats know if this audit proceeds they will be found out.

THIEF biden…


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Gretchen Whitmer Is a Liar

Michigan's do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do governor continues to set the example for how NOT to lead.

Douglas Andrews

If, as La Rochefoucauld said, "Hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue," then what are we to make of those who lie about that tribute?

Perhaps we should ask Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. After all, she just got caught saying one thing and doing another, and then lying through her teeth about having even done…


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Poll: Majority of Americans Believe Cheating ‘Likely’ Shifted the Result of the 2020 Presidential Election

A brand new poll reveals that a majority of Americans believe cheating “likely” shifted the results of the 2020 presidential election.

According to …


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ACLU Warned: Don’t Trade Liberty For Security In Epidemic

Michigan attorney general wants more rigorous police enforcement of face mask, other COVID-19 rules

By Tom Gantert

Attorney General Dana Nessel used Twitter recently to blame law enforcement officials for the current increase in COVID-19 cases.

Nessel complained on April 17 that…


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Detroit Tigers and Major League Baseball

Below is a letter I e-mailed to the Detroit Tigers.

Dear Detroit Tigers:

I WAS a long time fan of the Detroit Tigers. I attended games in the past. I USED to watch the Tigers on TV. I am gone!

I served 21+ years between Air Force and MI Army Guard. Vietnam Era. Cold War. Operation Iraqi Freedom. What MLB and the Tigers are now doing with "WOKE" is an insult to me and my service defending this nation. Kneeling during the National Anthem. I stand at attention and SALUTE.…


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Breaking: Ballot Audit in Montana Finds Irregularities Characteristic of Larger Democrat Urban Centers – 6.33% Ballots Without Required Envelopes

We are starting to see a definite pattern here.

There were numerous abnormalities, over-counting, and outright fraud in the 2020 election in Democrat-majority enclaves across the country. It wasn’t just in Detroit, …


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Future of War


I just got done watching this video on You Tube.  As you know I earned the titles of both Airman and Soldier in my military career.  This changes so much of how battles are fought and how battles can be prevented.  

Here is the link.

(213) The Future of War, and How It Affects YOU (Multi-Domain Operations) - Smarter Every Day 211 - YouTube

Warfare and now even the…


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Thousands of Student Athletes, Parents Rally at Michigan Capitol Against Gretchen Whitmer Orders


Thousands of student athletes, coaches, parents, and organizers rallied at the Michigan Capitol on Saturday for the ability to play school sports.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) has banned winter contact sports, including basketball, hockey, wrestling, and competitive cheer, until “at least” February 21.

Let Them Play, a group organized by parent Jayme…


Added by SGT William A. Geresy (ret) on January 31, 2021 at 10:20pm — 2 Comments

Perfect. THIEF kamala harris Tells Unemployed Coal Miners That After THIEF biden Kills Their Jobs They Should Work Reclaiming Abandoned “Land Mines”

By Cristina Laila

“Land Mines”

THIEF joe biden killed tens of thousands of jobs his first day in office when he canceled contracts with the Keystone XL pipeline.

THIEF biden and his “Climate Envoy” [idiot] John Kerry are waging war on the energy sector but fear not because THIEF kamala harris is here to save the day.

THIEF kamala harris talked about creating news jobs in her…


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New Jobs Data From Michigan Is Horrible News For America Under THIEF biden

The numbers are in and there is no denying that Democrat policies have had a devastating effect on the economy in states where authoritarian governors locked down their citizens and destroyed lives and businesses.

It’s hard to believe that one year ago, the…


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Collectivist Utopians Won't Stop With Social Media Suppression

Utopians, especially of the…


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INSANE: joe biden Signs Executive Order Banning the Term “China Virus”

By Jim Hoft

joe biden signed an executive order today that banned the term “China virus.”

It’s not clear how this will help with the pandemic.

The coronavirus is …


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Dominion Whistleblower Mellissa Carone Announces Run For MI State Rep…Will Focus On Election Integrity

By Patty McMurray

100 Percent Fed Up – Dominion whistleblower Mellissa Carone has announced her intention to run for State Rep in Michigan’s 46th District. Carone hopes to replace conservative MI State Rep. John…


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New Poll Delivers Bad News to Lawmakers Who Voted to Impeach Trump

President Donald Trump was impeached by the U.S. House for a historic second time on Wednesday.

Democrats charged the president with "incitement of insurrection" over the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol last week.

Republican Reps. Liz Cheney,  Tom Rice, Dan Newhouse, Adam Kinzinger, Anthony Gonzalez, Fred Upton, Jaime Herrera Beutler, Peter Meijer, John Katko, and David Valadao joined Democrats and voted to impeach Trump.

But a new poll of swing-state voters shows that…


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Overclass Cares Only For Its Own

Former President George W. Bush composed a powerful statement in condemnation of the Capitol Incursion.

Too bad he was not as swift and decisive in regards to the pillaging at the hands of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Of that he said it was not the time to lecture but rather to instead listen.

So why not extend the same…


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Have Yourself A Coronavirus Christmas

In “The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis, one of the hardships Narnia suffers under is that it is always winter but never Christmas. Imposed upon the realm by the White Witch, the plot point serves as a powerful symbol of the extent to which despots are willing to suppress the basic joys of existence for the purposes of advancing their own agendas at the expense of those that they conspire to rule over.

For decades now, secularists along with those thinking they know…


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Medical Profession Needs To Stay In Its Designated Lane

A meme of a woman on a stretcher being put into an ambulance is captioned “Are You Taking Me To The Hospital?” “No ma'am. You need top medical experts. We're taking you to the comments section”.

But neither should these "experts" be allowed to run roughshod over the rights of individuals.

Also, if the non-medical laymen is to refrain from remarking on medical…


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Whitmer: ‘Joe Biden Won This Election and He Won It Handily’

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) said Sunday on MSNBC’s “Weekends” that President-elect Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election “handily.”

Witt said, “We have the president ramping up his campaign against election results. They have conducted an audit of ballots specifically cast in Antrim County. They have reaffirmed the 2020 election results. This is a county where a clerical error inspired some baseless conspiracies of fraud. Let me get specific in this audit, the…


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