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February 2018 Blog Posts (10)

Loretta Lynch used fake name as attorney general

A prominent Washington watchdog is asking just how many Obama administration officials hid behind fake names while they worked for the U.S. government, after discovering that Loretta Lynch sometimes wasn’t Loretta Lynch – for email purposes – while she was attorney general.

She was Elizabeth Carlisle.

Judicial Watch said Lynch’s actions illustrate “how government hides information from the American public.”

The group was pursuing information about the United Nations’…


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DEMOCRAT SCANDAL: Elected Detroit Judge Collects $140,000 Salary But Never Showed Up For Work!

Democrat elected Judge Kahlilia Davis is in hot water after it was discovered that she collected a $175,000 salary, but had never shown up for work.

Davis became an elected District Court Judge in Michigan’s 36th District in January 2017. There are currently 29 other judges in this circuit who show up to work every day. Kahlilia however, until last week, hadn’t shown up to work one single time since being sworn in.

To make matters worse, after she finally did show up, Davis sued her…


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18 Year Olds In the Military

Sheriff Israel has stuck his foot in his mouth again. He has stated that no 18 year old should have a rifle. I enlisted in the Air Force at 18. I saw firsthand that 18, 19, and 20 year olds do so much in our military.

They become qualified with so many REAL assault weapons and pistols and much more. They learn how to operate tanks. They qualify with anti-tank weapons. They learn how to deploy mines.

They can be Air Refueling Specialists, Boomers, in the Air Force. They fly the…


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Florida School Mass Shooting

I have been listening to the finger pointing concerning the school shooting in Florida. Just as certain as the Sun rising in the East, I am bombarded with so many blaming the weapon. That is a completely wrong conclusion. The problem is the person and not the weapon.

I am learning that the FBI and local police had multiple reports on the shooter prior to the shooting. None did anything to prevent the shooting. I want to know why? This was a very troubled person. So many people saw the…


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Would A Dung Pile By Any Other Name Smell As Sweet?

Responses have poured in over President Trump's use of blunt earthy language to describe a number of countries from which migrants of dubious quality have poured across the border often with little regard for various immigration laws.

A spokesman for the African Union remarked, “Given the historical reality of how many Africans arrived in the United States as slaves, this statement flies in the face of all accepted…


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MSNBC Analyst Mocks Devin Nunes for Being Former Dairy Farmer: ‘He Has No Idea What’s Going On’

BY: David Rutz

MSNBC analyst Elise Jordan mocked House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R., Calif.) on Wednesday for being a "former dairy farmer" before host Joe Scarborough jumped in to say there was nothing wrong with them.

According to NBC News, Nunes is a third-generation Portuguese-American who grew up working on his family's dairy farm, and he previously told people on the campaign trail in 2002 that's all he originally wanted to do.

Nunes has come under fire from…


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Here is the Memo - on the Federalist website

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The Memo!

Here is a link to the Memo.

I could not cut and paste it.

Bill Geresy

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Drudge Says - The Memo is Released

This is literally just happening.  Tune into Drudge... 

Also Hannity is tweeting... As reported HERE:

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The Trump Effect? Peace in the Middle East?

This article is very important.  I believe Trump will bring peace to the Middle East.

Don't Ignore Kushner's Quiet Mideast Gains…


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