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March 2009 Blog Posts (90)

The LAST President of the United States of America


The LAST President of the United States of America

Oh, my Friends, Keep these Fires Lit Bright to Light our Paths. You, Your Good Works are a Lampstand to the Glory of God, Almighty, as Christ Jesus is my Witness, I Salute You !!!

~ CK


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The Songs Say it All!!!


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Joe The Plummer, In Michigan

Michigan Tax Day Tea Party

With special guest Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher “Joe the Plumber”

Mark April 15th on your calendar to rally against out-of-control politicians.

Bring your family to Lansing to protest ever-increasing taxes and regulations on our freedoms.

Americans for Prosperity-Michigan has arranged for Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher to speak at the rally. This is your opportunity to meet an ordinary man who was not afraid to publicly question a… Continue

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Wake-Up… Better Yet, Stand-Up Notre Dame!!!

I’m Outraged…Not only for religious reasons, I just can’t believe such a prestigious school would jump on the band-wagon so fast…Let me explain, Obama has not really done anything for this country yet!!! Except for his narcissistic soapbox speeches that were mapped-out by some teleprompter, or his fluting of a Marxist melody to his Pied-Piper cronies and paving a road to be followed directly toward true Socialism. What has he done?

Notre Dame needs to wake… Continue

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In God We Still Trust by Diamond Rio - Great Song!

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WHY ARE WE GOING BANKRUPT? Because We, the Non- Represented Tax Payers Are Spending a Whopping $338 Billion a Year on Illegal Aliens. (It can't be helping us!!!)

A letter that was forward to me from from a good friend…I could hear the pain in his words!!! (And for good Reason)

Since this letter was sent to me a few weeks ago, I have done my own research…and it shows this is a very conservative number!!! (Some say it’s as high as 500 Billion) but don’t try and tell Nancy Polosi or the liberal congress this, they feel our law enforcement and border patrol officers are angry, law breaking, communist criminals… (Not the true patriots we hired… Continue

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Independence Day 2009, Will America keep hers?

Independence Day Tea Party New Hampshire / Massachusetts

“The truth is — that you are the defender of liberty!"

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Urgent NOW!

WATCH OUT''''''''''''''


Just verified this with Snopes and it is REAL. ALSO WENT TO TRUTH OR FICTION, IT ' S on their site also.


Emails with pictures of Osama Bin-Laden hanged are being sent and the moment that you open these emails your computer will crash and you will not be able to fix… Continue

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Yellow- dog Christians versus liberal blue- dog Democrats

This is based upon a recent sermon I received from a Baptist preacher: Thought I'd recap his thoughts and share. I reworded and shortened it some. It was his response to my original blog. I personally am frustrated because it is difficult getting help from Christians that are predominant in my county. I have little or no support here! They basically tell me that everything that is in the bible will come to pass, so why bother to fight it? I say it was meant as prophecy. We the the people were… Continue

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Who was Obama

This is the web site where I read about Obama in the 1990's being groomed. Make you own decision about the facts.

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4 Officers murdered in cold blood - visit article

I need some support guys. The article is about the current story in Oakland where a criminal murdered four officers. The Radical Liberals would like to blame the officers and the PD for their deaths in support of the criminal. They are justifying the criminal's actions. I need some supportive commentary!

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Glenn Beck must be pressured to tell the truth about the FEMA camps. You may have seen that he had someone from Popular Mechanics on Friday and they went ahead and basically said that they are going to debunk the FEMA camps story. If he allows that, then I fear that Glenn is not the Patriot he claims to be. The Government documents exist, three years ago Halliburton was awarded the contracts for these Camps, legislation… Continue

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Indiana Court Case concerning the eligibility of Obama to receive Indiana Electoral Votes for President, in Court of Appeals

Someone said Obama birth certificate. Did you know that there is legitimate legal action in our state to address Obama's eligibility from another angle? They took a unique coarse of action concerning the "Certificate of Ascertainment" the Governor signs in regards to the Electoral vote. I've pasted below (in order) emails detailing the case. If nothing else, they've educated and are drawing much needed attention to the rule of law.

Synopsis: Cause #49D10-0812-PL-055511, County of Marion,… Continue

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My Appeal under the freedom of Information Act for information about Barry Soetoro "aka" Barack H Obama

Freedom of Information and Privacy Act Appeal

RE: NRC2009014617 Cert# 7008 0150 0000 7240 4756

Kenneth Allen

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

National Records Center, FOIA/PA Office

P. O. Box 648010

Lee’s Summit, MO 64064-8010

(816) 350-5570

Fax (816) 350-5785

Assistant General Counsel for Administration (Office)

Room 5898-C

U.S. Department of Commerce

14th and Constitution Avenue,… Continue

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Pakistan Civil Service Website: Obama Listed As "Kenyan" Born

3/27/2009: Pakistan Civil Service Website: Obama Listed As "Kenyan" Born:

For those interested in a site that comes out of Pakistan, there is information there that will raise eyebrows to say the least. Go to the URL listed below and start to scroll down the column listed under Current Affairs. Go down the list till you come to "Presidents" go slow till you find President of the US...Obama is where they say he was born...I have no further comment on this. it is up to… Continue

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Patriot's Pipeline Friday April 3rd

1st hour Patriot's Pipeline April 3rd 10:00 pm until 11 pm eastern

Mr. Lloyd Marcus will be our guest for the first hour of the Patriot's Pipeline.Click HERE to see his interview on FoxNews

2nd hour Patriot's Pipeline April 3rd 11:00 pm until midnight.

Be sure to join the Patriot’s Pipeline Radio Show with David and Melissa… Continue

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Join Melissa and I Friday night for the Patriot's Pipeline here on Patriot's Heart Network

Our guest for the first hour will be Mike Monokian, talk show host from Sarasota Florida. Our topic will be the Separation of Church and State, Removing God from our society, and the degradation of American Society resulting from the Left's attack on God.
Our guest for the second hour will be Mr. Bill Collier from the Freedom Congress Project. Our topic will be "Unifying The Conservative Movement".

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Join Melissa and I tonight for the Make-A-Statement Radio Show with Michael Johns

Be sure to join the Make-a-Statement Radio Show this evening, Thursday March 26, at 11:30pm ET/8:30pm PT, for what is certain to be one of our most important and popular shows to date. Former White House speechwriter and Heritage Foundation policy analyst Michael Johns, one of the nation's most prominent conservative commentators and policy experts, has agreed to join us for the full hour to discuss the dangers in Obama's emerging fiscal and foreign policies. Michael is known globally for… Continue

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