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March 2016 Blog Posts (97)

Left spews vicious hate on Todd Palin in hospital

Left-wing radicals sent out a wave of grotesque reactions on Monday after it was announced that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s husband was hospitalized in a snow-machine accident.

Todd Palin’s injuries were so serious that his wife cut short campaign events on behalf of Republican front-runner Donald Trump. A trip from Florida to Alaska was quickly booked and she headed for home.

Some of the liberal Twitter responses curated by…


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From Ferguson to Chicago

Left-wing fascists go for Donald Trump.

The riot planned and executed by the Left at the canceled Donald Trump campaign rally in Chicago on Friday was just the latest in a long series of mob disturbances manufactured by radicals to advance their political agendas.

Even so, it is a particularly poisonous assault on the American body politic that imperils the nation's most important free institution – the ballot.

"The meticulously orchestrated #Chicago assault on our free…


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Rockefeller Republicans Fear Losing Their Power More Than They Fear a Hillary Clinton Presidency

By Katy Grimes & Megan Barth


The DNC can’t explain the difference between a progressive and a socialist, but maybe a better question for the GOP is: how do you tell the difference between a Progressive and a Rockefeller Republican?

“A lot of the other candidates have gone out of their way to smack him (Trump) with a two-by-four and said some really nasty, vicious things.  I’ve sung his praises. He’s bold, he’s…


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Hillary and Sanders Backing Anti-Trump Violence?

It would seem so to me.  I have been scanning for stories from them to tell their supporters to cool it.  All I found is this from Hillary.

As per the extreme left norm, she is not taking any responsibility.  Instead she is blaming it on Trump.  Well, nothing new for her…


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Trump cancels Chicago rally amid security concerns

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump canceled his Friday night rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion due to security concerns as thousands of protesters…


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Union Officials Admit They Let Veterans Die Rather Than Talk To Republicans

A former federal employee union president is wracked with regret because veterans likely died at a time when she knew about gross misconduct within her Department of Veterans Affairs facility but didn’t tell congressional leaders because they were Republicans.

“If I would’ve gone to him two years ago, who knows what kind of lives could’ve been saved,” Germaine Clarno told a radio interviewer Monday, referring to the Republican leader of a VA subcommittee. Clarno, a lifelong Democrat…


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Ted Cruz: #SocialIssuesMatter

Baby in Daddy's Big Hands

Mary and I are still in a Louisiana hotel room on the road with our Conservative Campaign Committee team, campaigning for Ted Cruz.  Later today we will pile into an SUV and head to Mississippi.  Crawfish are very popular here, sold at Walmart and seemingly every restaurant.  Louisianians have been very friendly…


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FLASHBACK: Computer Programmer Testifies that He Rigged Voting Machines

In a blast from the past that people need to be aware of in this voting season, Clinton Eugene “Clint” Curtis is an American attorney, computer programmer and ex-employee of NASA and ExxonMobil, told the world in open testimony that voting machines are not only hackable to determine an election, but that he designed the program to do it in 2000.

Curtis’ testimony came in 2006 before the US House Judiciary Members in Ohio. In…


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Cruz and Rubio to remain on ballot, Broward judge rules

A Broward judge on Friday struck down a Hollywood voter's attempt to remove Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio from the Republican presidential primary ballot.

Michael Voeltz, 54, filed a lawsuit seeking to declare Cruz and Rubio…


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New VA hotline chief has a history of dropped calls from veterans

A former Air Force officer chosen to fix the VA's problem-plagued suicide hotline has been running other agency phone banks that have a poor record of service, dropping as many as one in five calls from veterans, according to internal data provided to USA TODAY.

The deputy secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs, Sloan Gibson, defended the choice of Matthew Eitutis overseeing the crisis hotline, telling USA TODAY on Friday that Eitutis has shown considerable initiative for…


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Sadly, Doctor Carson leaves the race

Doctor Carson easily had the best temperament to be the 44th President.  He is a pressure filled decision maker. 

So now we are left with just two choices, Mr. Trump or Governor Kasich.  I omit Cruz and Rubio because they are not Natural Born citizens as demanded by the Constitution.  Hillary is sure to have this requirement enforced if they are the nominee.  She is all about winning at any cost.  We are fools if we nominate either.

With Doctor Carson out, I am…


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Clinton's Secret IT Staffer Granted Immunity by FBI

The Clinton machine has ways to deal with people who squeal. Will Bryan Pagliano suddenly die in a mysterious accident? In the next couple months, the FBI expects to wrap up its investigation into whether then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a homebrew email server and her mishandling of classified information constitutes criminal wrongdoing. The bureau has…


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Just like Judges in Obama Eligibility Case, Illinois Judge won’t Rule in Ted Cruz Eligibility Case

The issue of natural born citizen is a hotly contested issue. However, it is one that is a national security issue an that has been demonstrated in the usurpation of the office of the president by Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah, a man with…


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Can the GOP elites take out Trump?

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and there is palpable panic in the Republican ranks right now. The juggernaut that is Donald Trump has done what the establishment Republicans thought could never happen; and it looks like he has steamrolled his way to the Republican presidential nomination.

Just to make things clear, I am not declaring loyalty to any candidate; I am just objectively looking at where we are, and the wind is definitely at Trump’s back. No matter what he…


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Army veteran fired for confronting CVS robbers

Joe Morici, an Army veteran who spent seven years serving his country, including a year on the ground in Afghanistan, was fired from his store manager position at CVS after his instincts kicked into gear and he physically confronted two robbers who tried to tap the pharmacy and flee.

“Two individuals were jumping the counter into our pharmacy,” he said, of the incident at the Maryland store he managed, to…


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URGENT: Cruz For Such a Time as This

Ted Cruz Texas Houston Rally croud

Our Conservative Campaign Committee team attended the Ted Cruz rally in Houston, Texas last night. The scripture, “...for such a time as this...” came to mind. God has prepared Ted Cruz for this dark time in our nation's history after 8 years of Obama. God has also prepared me and you to usher Cruz into…


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