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July 2009 Blog Posts (102)

The Snarky Files - Euripides' Views on the Week (July 31)

Perhaps love can't be bound as this sign seems to say. Lust certainly can, unless of course, you were born with the lust gene. Two homosexual men demonstrate something or another in front of the Mormon temple in San Diego.…

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Calling all Patriots; Immediate Action Needed! Here's something you can DO from where you are!!

To all my friends,


Here’s the plan and how you can help. Please go to my website and do the steps I’ve outlined at the top of the page. Also, send this out to as many as you can so that they will repeat this in EVERY State in the Union. This effort will show the Dept. of Justice that We the People have had it and they MUST take action. Duplicating efforts here… Continue

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Unwinding The Fabric of America, by Columnist Bill Turner

Columnist Bill Turner of The Cypress Times delves into the affects that the hippie and free love culture of the 1960's is now having on our country and how this radical school of thought continues to be preached and taught at University, and how it is influencing a generation of Americans allowing candidates like Barack Obama to… Continue

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What's Wrong With Free Health Care?...Everything!

Even though Congress is not going to read the over 1,000 page health care bill, it is good to know that the conservative bloggers in this country are.

Peter Fleckenstein, a blogger and former Marine from Phoenix,AZ,has been reading through the ObamaCare bill page by page and highlighting the provisions he finds and posting them on his blog,Common Sense from a Common Man.

Here are the highlights of the contents of… Continue

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Cops & Sotomayor: Obama Says Go By Feelings, Not the Law

When President Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court, he said she was selected because he wanted someone who would show "empathy." It occurred to me that Obama wants the same behavior from America's police.

Professor Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct. Because Gates is black, the White House has launched a race committee to "teach" police to be more sensitive. Like his Supreme Court nominee, Obama wants police to give special consideration to race… Continue

Added by Lloyd Marcus on July 30, 2009 at 10:16pm — 1 Comment

Thank you Patriots Heart

Thank you for taking action. Far too many Americans are like walking zombies. They are seemingly oblivious to the daily threats to our liberties made even more egregious due to the unqualified Kenyan occupying the Oval office. Thank you for supporting Carl Swensson and in his efforts to use the grand jury process to right these wrongs. I have notified my network of friends regarding making donations to help defray some of the expenses of next week when the petitions and… Continue

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Back Door Amnesty For Illegals And The Healthcare Bill, by Bill Turner

We know very little about this bill, as the politicians on the left and right are hiding much of their bill from the American people, because polls already show Americans are against changes to the system. What we do know is that the bill calls Americans with mental disabilities, “Retarded”, I guess that is a new government term. But, I could be wrong, because according to Bill Maher I live in a “stupid country”. Lets take a closer look at the stupid healthcare bill:

* Pg 22 of the… Continue

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The True Story of the Big Question about Congress - A Meeting with an Informant

Some think congressional bills are dug up from long-lost alien civilizations which have illegally crossed over the border from Mexico. This is simply absurd, but it doesn't keep people from thinking it. The truth, as usual, is far stranger.…

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New Archivist of the United States: David Ferriero


I've been immersed in the study of genealogy and family history for 20+ years.

Today, the following notice appeared on my Facebook wall from a noted author/blogger and genealogist:


New Archivist of the United States: David Ferriero

Today at 2:01pm

President Obama is said to have picked David S. Ferriero, now chief executive of the research libraries at The New York Public Library, to be the Archivist of the United… Continue

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Military Personnel Preparing Challenges to Obama Eligibility; House Passes Resoultion acknowleging Obama's Birth In Hawaii, Heading For The Senate...

7/28/2009: Commentary: Military Personnel Preparing Challenges to Obama Eligibility; House Passes Resoultion acknowleging Obama's Birth In Hawaii, Heading For The Senate:

Behind the scenes, at many military bases across the country and around the world, a not-too quiet challenge is developing against Barack Obama and his questionable qualifications to be President of the United States.

Most Constitutionalists are familiar with the ongoing civil litigation against Obama.… Continue

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Protesters Send Message To Senator Bayh

July 27 Indianapolis, In

For the second time in 10 days, scores of protesters gathered outside of Senator Evan Bayh's offices in Indianapolis, Evansville, Ft.Wayne, Hammond, Jeffersonville, and South Bend. The message - No mandatory and costly government health care. A police escort guided the crowd during downtown Indy rush hour that culminated at the Circle with the Pledge of Allegiance, singing, and encouraging remarks from speaker Wes Robinson. The non-partisan rally included… Continue

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Mexico Is Rich, So Why Is The U.S. A Blank Check?, an op/ed by Eddie V. Garcia

Not to isolate Mexico in the debate of illegal immigration, but Mexico does contribute the largest percentage of illegal immigration in the US. Why should we as Americans tolerate this influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico when their economy is estimated to be between the 11th and 13th largest in the world? The total value of the Mexican Stock Exchange is estimated to be over US $600 billion.

So is it the problem of the United States to accept illegal entry of Mexicans because… Continue

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The Only Options: Sovereignty or Secession

Can you even imagine living your life without U.S. government intrusions beyond the regular visit from the postman?

This is where we were at the end of the Civil War (War Against Southern Independence). One can only shake his/her head and say to themselves, "How far we've strayed from liberty!"

We cannot look at any facet of our lives and not see the hand of our government greedily snatching bits of our hard-earned sustenance, the life-blood of our liberty away from us.… Continue

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White House Publishes Figures on National Debt - 20% Increase Over Last Year

The gross federal debt as a percentage of GDP for the years from 2007-2014.
From Euripides' Blog

My friend Eutychus found this gem from… Continue

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Gates, Obama And Racism, by Columnist Bill Turner

Gates Gate and Barack the Magic Racist, or how two racist liberals deflect attention away from thievery. What the state run media has failed to tell you is that Henry Louis Gates Jr. was in trouble with the law long before the Columbia Police were called to his house, over a burglar, which turned out to be Mr. Gates. The police officer did not stereotype Henry Gates Jr., Mr. Gates Jr. stereotyped the police, and liberals should be ashamed. And, why is it that B. Hussein Obama knows so many… Continue

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Health Care Bill Summary From Peter Fleckenstein’s Twitter Account:


If you aren’t going to read the entire HealthCare bill, here is a summary:

PG 22 MANDATES the Government will audit books of ALL EMPLOYERS that self insure!!

PG 24 Line 116 Government effectively sets prices for ALL private health plans.

PG 30 Line 123 THERE WILL BE A Government COMMITTEE that decides what treatments/benefits you get.

PG 37 Line 132 The Government will be reviewing grievances… Continue

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Health Care Solutions WITHOUT Gov TAKE OVER....please read

I've been doing a LOT of thinking about this ObamaCare fiasco and it just makes NO sense to me AT ALL.

We have the GREATEST Health Care of ANY country on the PLANET! But it's not without some issues which have NOTHING to do with the "quality of care" we receive here in America. Let's analyse what "some" of the problems are:

1. High premiums....needs to be more in line with what people really can afford to pay

2. Small Bus can't offer coverage due to not enough…

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Lyndon LaRouche Says "President Obama is now impeachable" Attached Flyer for Hand-out

LaRouche: "With This Statement From Him, The President Now Deserves Impeachment"

U.S. President Barack Obama delivered a nationally-televised press conference at 8 p.m. on July 22nd, in which on five separate occasions he called for health reform legislation featuring the establishment of "an independent board of doctors and health care experts" to make the life-and-death decisions… Continue

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Evidence That Judge Sotomayor Withheld Self-Incriminating Financial Information From the Senators

Evidence That Judge Sotomayor

Withheld Self-Incriminating Financial Information From the Senators

And What You Can Do To Require That They And The Media Hold Her Contrary To How She Holds Herself And Her Peers UnEqual Before Justice: Above Law

By Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.…


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Who Will President Obama Drum Up Hate Against Next?

We have all watched this scene in numerous Western movies. The sheriff says his prisoner will receive a fair trial when the judge arrives in the morning. But, one loud mouth stands on the steps of the jail house and works the crowd into a frenzy. The enraged mob breaks down the door, brutalizes the sheriff, drags out the prisoner and hangs him. It is later discovered that the prisoner was innocent. As a child watching these movies, I was amazed how people sheepishly followed one loud… Continue

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