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August 2016 Blog Posts (16)

Almost Everything the Media Tell You About Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Is Wrong

A major new report, published today in the journal The New Atlantis, challenges the leading narratives that the media has pushed regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.

Co-authored by two of the nation’s leading scholars on mental health and sexuality, the 143-page report discusses over 200 peer-reviewed studies in the biological, psychological, and social sciences, painstakingly documenting what…


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Interesting take on Trump

William J. Bennett, Host of Bill Bennett's Morning in America Show, is one of America's most important, influential, and respected voices on cultural, political, and education issues. He has one of the strongest Christian world views of any writer in modern times.

What I See Happening In a Trump Presidency

By Bill…


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Roger Stone: Don’t Trust the Voting System

Everyone not actually on the Donald Trump payroll dismissed the Republican nominee’s assertion last week that the general election could be “rigged” to produce a Hillary Clinton victory in the fall. Even those who support Trump shrugged and said the candidate was alluding to larger issues such as voter fraud. Like saying Obama was the “founder of ISIS,” Trump’s claims of a rigged election were little more than hyperbole.

But at least one man says that we should take Trump’s fears of a…


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Distance, delays and denial: The VA organ transplant system

Sick veterans are being forced to travel more than a thousand miles for care.

In many cases that distance proves to be a daunting barrier between those who have served, and the organ transplants they need to survive.

KARE 11 Investigates partnered with sister TEGNA stations WXIA in Atlanta and KVUE in Austin, Texas, to investigate the VA’s organ transplant system.  We found that 'where' a veteran lives can spell the difference between life and death.

Watch our…


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Scientists make final call on 'chemtrails'

WASHINGTON – You’ve seen the contrails behind those high-flying jets – sometimes making crisscrossing patterns in the sky – above your home, your town, your city.…


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Machine Guns op-ed

To begin with, we need to get our language clear.  “Assault weapon” is a term invented by the anti-gun crowd to describe any semi-automatic rifle that they’d like to ban.  It is deliberately intended to imply a military “assault rifle”, which is a fully-automatic firearm and will continue firing as long as the trigger is held back until it runs out of ammo or the trigger is released; a semi-auto firearm will only fire once for each pull of the trigger, no matter how long it is…


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Congress WILL get to see notes from Hillary Clinton's three-hour interview with the FBI over private email server scandal

  • The notes from Hillary Clinton's July 2 interview with the Federal Bureau of Investigation could arrive on Capitol Hill as early as Monday
  • Republicans have been wanting to see notes from Clinton's interview, which wasn't under oath, so no transcript exists 
  • On July 5 the FBI recommended to the Department of Justice that no charges be filed against…

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So is Clinton Foundation under investigation or not?

First we were told the FBI was investigating the shockingly apparent violations of ethics and the law involving Bill and Hillary Clinton’s misuse of her office and the Clinton Foundation they use as a personal tax-exempt piggybank.

Then we were told by FBI Director James Comey his agency was not.…


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VA predicts emergency care claim tsunami if ruling is upheld

More than two million claims for private sector emergency healthcare services provided to VA-enrolled veterans since February 2010 could be eligible for VA reimbursement if a recent ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims is allowed to stand, the VA general counsel has warned.

The counsel also has warned in court documents that over the next decade VA could be swamped with an estimated 68.6 million additional claims for emergency care reimbursements, which could drive…


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Trump Leading 67% to Hillary’s 19% in National Poll of 50,000 Voters

Ever since the Democratic Convention, the only poll results being reported by the liberal mainstream media show that Hillary Clinton is slowly pulling ahead of Donald Trump. Of course the same liberal mainstream media had been conducting a biased editing and reporting campaign to show Trump in a bad way and glorify Hillary.

They edited his comments about the Muslim parents of whose son was killed in action while serving in the US military. Trump stated about the mom not speaking, the…


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Obama Invokes Military To Conceal His Own Incompetence

In his speech at the Democratic National Convention, President Obama said, “Donald Trump calls our military a disaster.”

By this, the President meant that Donald Trump was directly attacking the men and women that comprise the armed forces of the United States.

As formidable and impressive as they are, in a constitutional…


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Great Tune!

This you have got to watch.  Turn up your speakers and enjoy!

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Commentary by

​Joan Swirsky

TPATH Contributor

August 5, 2016 ~TPATH~ I always thought that James Comey was a company man. As it happens, the company he heads is among the most influential, powerful and scary…


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Is This Major Polling Company Rigging the Election for Hillary?

Is Reuters—one of the most trusted news brands in the world—rigging their own polls to make sure Hillary Clinton stays in the lead?

Legendary Democratic pollster, Pat Caddell, seems to think so.

In a recent interview with Breitbart News, Caddell claimed that Reuters had modified their polling process to skew results towards Hillary Clinton—and had even gone back to change the…

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Military K9 handler unleashes on F-bombing Hillary

Facebook post about encounter with Clinton goes viral

(Editor’s note: The following story contains obscene language some may find objectionable.)

A former military K9 handler, tasked with protecting Hillary Clinton overseas while she was U.S. secretary of state, is now caught up in the dog-eat-dog world of…


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Hillary hit hard

Arcadia parade float depicting Hillary Clinton in prison while being hit with water balloons stirs controversy.

August 2, 2016


It was a typical summer celebration in small-town Iowa. The sun was shining on children carrying bags full of candy as the Arcadia Fire Department was celebrating its 100th anniversary on Saturday with a parade, a party in the park and a big water…


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