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November 2019 Blog Posts (5)

Ben Carson Slays Maxine Waters in Response to Her Homelessness Letter

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) sent a letter to the White House in October, demanding to know more about the administration’s reported plan to take homeless people out of California camps and put them into federal housing. Apparently irate at the thought of President Trump actually taking action on an issue that California Democrats have been unable or unwilling to address, Waters accused the president of acting disgracefully.

“Your shamelessness knows no…


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In Their Rush to Impeachment, Pelosi and Schiff Overlooked One Little Thing, McCarthy Found It

by Elizabeth Vaughn

In December 2018, the soon-to-be Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, was busy making changes in the House rules for the incoming 116th Congress. She was actually setting the stage for her anticipated impeachment of President Trump. At the time, The Conservative Treehouse’s “Sundance” wrote, “Remember when we warned [November 8th, 2018] that a convergence of left-wing groups, activists, DNC donors and specifically the Lawfare…


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A Woke Student at the University of Michigan Tears Up and Trashes a Conservative Display. His Reason is Terrifying

by Alex Parker

At the University of Michigan, a crime was committed against Turning Point USA.

Specifically, it regarded the organization’s table, as set up at the University of Michigan.

The whole thing was a classic case of woke activism, formerly known as “$%@?! behavior.” Oh, and also “vandalism.”…


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E-Mail To My Michigan Senators On Impeachment

Dear Senators Stabenow and Peters :

I have been listening to the House hearings chaired by Representative Schiff. I have come to the following conclusions.

If President Trump had a serious question about President Trump not being a Natural Born Citizen as required by our Constitution, you would be demanding an investigation.

If President Trump had his name changed legally by his stepfather and then in later life had just assumed his previous name without any…


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Thank You Veterans!!!

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