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SGT William A. Geresy (ret)'s Blog – October 2012 Archive (3)

Killed Soldier Warned Obama's Afghanistan Strategy Needlessly Endangering Troops

Stories continue to roll in of soldiers who are losing

their lives by fighting a type of warfare we tried in Vietnam to no avail. The

story of Army Staff Sergeant Matthew Sitton is one such example. He was KIA on

August 2, 2012, after spending months warning his superiors and Congress that

the style of warfare he and his men were being forced to undertake was as

pointless as it was dangerous.

On June 4, Sitton wrote Rep. Bill…


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Lybia Questions

We lost not only an Ambassador, but three former Navy Seals.  There seems to be a huge unanswered question.  Why aren't there a large number of dead Lybians?


Navy Seals are trained to be able to kill both with weapons and their hands and feet. 


Were the former Seals unarmed?  If the were armed, were they allowed to use their weapons?  If unarmed, were they ordered not to resist?


If they were armed and/or allowed to resist, there should be a lot…


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Dear Chalice:

I know you are beyond busy.  Thanks for welcoming me aboard! 


More later.  I am off on a two day business trip Thursday.  Someone has to try to keep this economy going until Jan '13!


Bill Geresy

Guard SGT

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