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Sheriff Israel has stuck his foot in his mouth again. He has stated that no 18 year old should have a rifle. I enlisted in the Air Force at 18. I saw firsthand that 18, 19, and 20 year olds do so much in our military.

They become qualified with so many REAL assault weapons and pistols and much more. They learn how to operate tanks. They qualify with anti-tank weapons. They learn how to deploy mines.

They can be Air Refueling Specialists, Boomers, in the Air Force. They fly the air refueling booms on the KC-135 and KC-10 aircraft. This is a very highly skilled job. I was fortunate enough to watch several refueling. I am still impressed with how it is done. They make it look easy. It ISN’T! It is done many, many times each day around the world.

In the Navy, many of the Sailors manning the flight deck on our Aircraft Carriers are these men and women that the Sheriff says shouldn’t own a rifle. The flight deck during flight operations is one of the most dangerous places on Earth. Planes are taxing, taking off, and landing. Planes are being armed and refueled. All this activity is in less than 6 acres. Sailors and planes are everywhere. Yet they are so coordinated that they make it look easy. It sure isn’t. This activity happens all the time day and night.

We have so many 17 to 20 year old men and women doing amazing work. They are Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, Marines, and Coast Guardsman. They train to do so much from the administration, feed the troops, enforce laws, man the air traffic control towers and repair everything from electronics, nuclear weapons, to BILLION DOLLAR B-2 stealth bombers.

Sheriff Israel, you don’t know these men and women. You have so much egg on your face you can now feed breakfast to all these men and women serving in our military!

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