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Transgender Pioneer Now Says “Non-Binary” Label is Pure Fiction

In 2016, James Shupe made history. After living as a transgender woman for a year, he decided that he wasn’t any more comfortable identifying as female than he had been identifying as male. He determined that he was, indeed, a third sex and that he needed documentation to prove it.
So it was that he convinced Multnomah County Judge Amy Holmes Hehn to issue the first court order in the U.S. legally designating an individual as a “non-binary” gender – neither male nor female. Shupe’s birth certificate was changed to reflect this new reality: An “X” designated his gender. Instantly, he became a cause celebre on the LGBT left.
But now all that is over and done with.
“The charade of not being male, the legal fiction, it’s over,” Shupe told conservative website PJ Media. “The lies behind my fictitious sex changes, something I shamefully participated in, first to female, and then to non-binary, have been forever exposed. A truthful accounting of events has replaced the deceit that allowed me to become America’s first legally non-binary person.
“The legal record has now been corrected and LGBT advocates are no longer able to use my historic non-binary court order to advance their toxic agenda,” he continued. “I am and have always been male. That is my biological truth, the only thing capable of grounding me to reality.”

While Shupe’s original journey from male to female to nonbinary was covered extensively by The New York Times, the Washington Post, and other mainstream liberal outlets, his detransitioning has gotten almost no media attention whatsoever. Big surprise, eh?
“Not a single Oregon media outlet has been willing to talk to me, let alone report that I’ve reclaimed my birth sex and have denounced gender ideology,” he told PJ Media this week. “They dropped me after I supported Trump’s ban on gender dysphoria in the military. That got me canceled.”
There’s no room in the liberal hemisphere for any dissent, unless the dissenters can easily be dismissed, mocked, or “canceled” as evil supremacists who are looking to actively push back on the LGBT community. When the dissent comes from someone whose personal experiences cannot be written off…well, the mainstream media doesn’t know what to do with that. Best just to ignore it.
Especially when it’s someone like Shupe, who is very clear now on the damage this “you can change your gender” ideology can do to confused young men and women.
“I was indoctrinated to believe that I had this thing called a gender identity and that suppressing it was causing my mental health problems,” he said Monday. “It was all a lie.”

Me Here....This is one small step to dispel the myth being pushed by the homosexual tyrants.  James confirms the old commercial, "You can't fool mother nature."  

No matter the surgery or the drugs, you are and will be the sex you are born.  You can never change your XY chromosomes.  As we say in computers, that is "hard wired" into you.  

The so called mental help experts that are pushing this are a discredit to their profession.  They are harming people by bowing to patients and enabling their mental problems.  Someday we will wake up to the simple reality that you are the sex you are born.  

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