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Chris Wallace Pushes Republican to Renounce Claim of ‘Stolen’ Election, Gets Stunning Response

Fox News’ Chris Wallace tried to hold a struggle session on Sunday with a Republican Congressman who objected to the 2020 election results. The results must have been disappointing. Rep. Jim Banks not only didn’t fall for it, but he threw the premise back in Wallace’s face.

The 2020 election came up in the context of Rep. Liz Cheney, who now finds her leadership position increasingly threatened in light of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s endorsement of replacing her with Rep. Elise Stefanik.

“I’m just asking a question,” Wallace remarked. “Liz Cheney is saying it’s a big lie to say the election was stolen. Liz Cheney is saying that, in fact, Donald Trump contributed to the riot. I’m asking you for your opinion on those issues. Is it a lie that the election was stolen? Did he contribute to the insurrection on the Capitol?”

Congressman Banks didn’t take the bait.

“I’ve never said that the election was stolen,” Banks replied. “I’ve said I had very serious concerns with how the election was conducted last November because of COVID rules that loosened voter identification laws. That’s why I objected on January 6th. I’ll never apologize for that.”

Congressman Banks then accused Wallace of distracting viewers “from what we have to do to save this country.” Watch Banks scold Wallace below:

[see link below]

In addition, election integrity measures in states like Georgia, Florida and Texas have brought out a cacophony of complaints; not just by the Democratic Party, but by its numerous corporate sponsors.

Furthermore, the Democratic Party has fought any forensic audits of the election results tooth-and-nail. In Arizona, the Democratic Party has successfully fought signature-checks, and refused to turn over voting machine passwords and routers. The Department of Justice has ever warned the auditors against checking voter addresses in-person.

If the Democratic Party had nothing to hide, it would fully comply with election audits and back measures to ensure that U.S. elections are free, fair and transparent. Instead, it acts very much like a party that has everything to hide in regards to the 2020 election. Journalists like Chris Wallace seem intent to keep it that way.

Chris Wallace Pushes Republican to Renounce Claim of 'Stolen' Elect...

Me Here....The 2020 election WAS stolen.  There can be now no doubt.  The Democrats with all their obstruction to a full and honest examination of the ballots confirms this.

The only question left is will We The People let them continue to get away with the theft.

The Dems try to say that courts have repeatedly upheld the election.  That is a lie.  Not one court case has been decided on merit.  All have been dismissed on technical grounds that are dubious at best.  Basically, the courts do not want to get involved.  They seem to be gun shy still from Bush v Gore in 2000.

If I was a judge, I would want to have both sides give it their best shot.  Then rule based on evidence presented.  Until a judge is found that will do just that, the controversy will continue.

Without a complete audit of the 2020 election, THIEF biden will have ZERO credibility in the White House. 

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