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This trail has been a miscarriage of justice from the very start.  Self defense is a right.

Who is to blame?  

I blame the Mayor and Governor for not stopping the rioting at the very start.  That led to Rittenhouse going to Kenosha.  No riot, he would have stayed home.  If politicians had done their sword duty, two people would possible still be alive and the other not wounded.  

We do have the right to voice and if needed loudly voice our views.  We do not have any right to destroy other's property.  That is a crime.  A civil society can never tolerate this violence and survive.

This trial was all about appeasing the radical left.  It had nothing to do justice. 

Rittenhouse has been convicted by politicians, media, and radicals of the extreme left.  Laws and rights do not matter to them.  All who stand up to them must be destroyed at all cost.  Only their view despite a complete lack of facts can be heard. 

Rittenhouse will always be "guilty" to the extreme left.  He will not be able to have a normal life.  He will for forced to always look over his shoulder.  The hate of the radical left will motivate many to harm or kill him.  The radicals will call this justice.  They will see nothing wrong in this.

Politicians are to blame for all of this.  But sadly, those politicians will never be forced to endure a trial like Rittenhouse just did.  That is the justice denied we must remember.

SGT William A. Geresy (ret)

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Comment by Chalice on December 7, 2021 at 12:36pm

I hope he doesn't get himself into trouble again.  he is a cute kid,but he is also a HUGE  risk taker....

Comment by Chalice on December 6, 2021 at 7:42pm

A victory... and for those families, a loss.

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