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5 things conservatives must do to crush the left

Democrats are losers. They spent an estimated $24 million and got trounced in another election.

Republican Karen Handel whupped Liberal Democrat Jon Ossoff (a.k.a. “Pajama Boy”) in Georgia’s special House election. Democrats have now lost four special congressional elections. As a result, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are panicking. Younger Democrats blame Pelosi, and the long knives are out.

So what are Pelosi and left-wing Democrats doing to resurrect their party? They’re bringing back Barack Obama! According to reports, Obama will start campaigning for Democrats in the fall. The left are so blinded by their hatred for Trump and the good that he represents that all they can do is reach to the past. The fact that Trump is impervious to their lies and grows stronger under stress is infuriating them even more.

This is the perfect opportunity for conservatives to advance their agenda, and help this president “Make America Great Again.”

Here are the five things conservatives must do to crush the left:

1. Support the president. The Russia story is dead. James Comey has admitted under oath that President Trump is not under investigation. Former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson testified that there was no evidence of collusion or ob.... Even left-wing Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz has publicly said Trump did nothing illegal.

The Russia story has been an attempt by the left to create a cloud of suspicion around Trump to take him down. We know Special Counsel Robert Mueller is stacking his investigative team with Democrats. We also know that Mueller and FBI leaker Comey are friends. It’s time for Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan to put an end to this persecution.

Barack Obama knew the Russians were attempting to meddle with the election, and he did nothing to stop it. We need an investigation into what Obama knew and when he knew it. And investigators also need to look into Loretta Lynch’s involvement in the cover-up of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

2. Keep your promises (jobs, health care, tax cuts, border security). The national unemployment rate under President Trump is at 4.4 percent (a 10-year low). The number of refugees accepted in the U.S. has dropped by almost half during Pre..., compared to Barack Obama’s last three. Obama had set a quota to admit 110,000 refugees in 2016! Republicans must pass a health-care bill that strips the individual mandate and offers cost-effective and flexible options. And tax cuts are necessary to help working Americans and to incentivize business owners to create more jobs. If Republicans fulfill their promises, they will win big in 2018.

3. Talk directly to the people. The mainstream media have become an extension of the Democratic Party, putting out fake news and misinformation. They’ll always portray President Trump and conservatives as “racist” and evil. But Trump has mastered the art of bypassing them to get his message directly to the American public. Trump also likes being with the people. Since his rallies are huge, and he always makes news, the media have to cover him.

Republicans should learn from President Trump and take their message directly to the people. They need to leverage social media and give more access to honest voices on radio, TV and digital outlets like,,,, Fox News,,, and others.

4. Speak out against hate. The level of hate directed at Trump and his supporters by the left is unparalleled. A Bernie Sanders supporter targeted Republicans for assassination in Virginia, and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., almost lost his life. A Nebraska Democratic official said he was glad that Rep. Scalise was shot and that he wished he had died.

Hollywood has become totally unhinged. Actor Johnny Depp publicly said he’d like to kill the president. The New York Public Theater’s “Julius Caesar” play depicts a Trump look-alike being brutally stabbed repeatedly. Kathy Griffin posed with a bloody decapitated replica of Donald Trump’s head. Snoop Dogg put out a music video with a mock execution of Trump. Madonna said she has “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

If terrorist threats were directed at Obama, they wouldn’t be tolerated, so why is it OK to threaten Trump? All Republicans need to publicly condemn these evil leftist haters. Every single one of these people should be investigated.

5. Be accessible and unite the country. Barack Obama divided this nation like no other president in recent history. Now that Democrats are in trouble, they’re bringing Obama back to sow division once again. Conservatives can blunt this by working with blacks and other minorities. They need to hold town-hall meetings and forums in cities across the country. Engage the people in honest dialogue about jobs, rebuilding families, school choice and making cities safe again. Seeing and meeting Republicans in person will have an impact. It helped Trump get more black votes than any other Republican in recent history.

The left is weak and exposed. It is confounded by Trump. Conservatives can crush the left if they enact these ideas swiftly with courage.

Me Here......We do have an opportunity to all but destroy the Democrat Party.  There is so much corruption in their party.  All President Trump has to do is expose it and prosecute the guilty to the full extent of the law.

It is way past time for the GOP to quit being timid.  You don't win big by being timid.  You win big by going bold.  Candidate Trump showed that.  Throughout the campaign he was big and bold.  Against all, he surprised everyone by doing what the experts said was impossible, beat Hillary.  The Democrat Party biggies have yet to recover from that.  They are still in complete denial.

The Democrat Party has now turned to violence to try to intimidate President Trump supporters and the GOP in general.  We don't need to respond in kind.  That is playing their game.  Instead we need to prosecute those that not only do violence, but prosecute those that promote and threaten violence.  Their place is in prison.  If President Trump does this, the violence will end.  If not, the left will grow more bold and people will die.  It will be a bit late then.

So Republicans in the US House and Senate, quit being timid.  It is time to put on your combat helmets and be General Patton and kick some rear............politically!  We do have your back!

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Comment by Chalice on June 28, 2017 at 1:49pm

I do not think we want to destroy the Democratic Party.  Pendulums swing back and forth - and as faaaaar left that Obama ran, Trump is pushing back to the Right.   I agree the GOP should quit being timid and I hope if we have victories in 2018 in both the House and Senate, you will see more Democrats working with the President.  Even now, they have helped to pass about 40 bills, but the media is not talking about that because it undermines the Democrat agenda to destroy Trump by framing him as crazy and unable to govern. 

It is ALL about 2018.  Will TEA Party Republicans forget to vote?  Will the Dems be more energized?  I believe that Trump loves the fight with the Dem's and the media right now because it helps him to keep all of us engaged and motivated to vote.

Why does the party in the White House loose seats in the mid-terms?  It is all about the passion to vote.

Trump knows this and he keeps us engaged - but the Democrats are also helping, bigly.

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