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9pm EDT - 5/3 - Beloved Stephen Pidgeon - BLogtalkRADIO - U.S. Constitution


9pm EDT - 5/3 - Beloved Stephen Pidgeon - BLogtalkRADIO - U.S. Constitution

Sunday night (05-03-09) 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

9:00 pm EDT
8:00 pm CDT
7:00 pm MDT
6:00 pm PDT
5:00 pm Alaskan

Janet Napolitano identifies every American who criticizes the current government as a TERRORIST
Is Obama our Legal president according to the US Constitution
Has the Constitution become obsolete
Has America paid a price for lack of Constitutional knowledge
Have we lost our Constitutional rights

This week’s fabulous guest is

Stephen Pidgeon

(Attorney, juris doctorate, recipient of the 2008 Presidential Commission, the 2009 Reagan Congressional Commission . . . and the beat goes on)

Topic: US Constitution - the greatest document ever written by man

What a great opportunity to call in or write and share or discuss these issues!

You can write to the chat room or call in at 646-727-3865

You can also post comments and become armed and dangerous
- carry a pocket copy of the US Constitution at

a Therese Daniels Presentation

Certified by DHS - be Proud


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