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Abortion: By far, the No. 1 economic failure of America

You might as well call abortion for what it really is:  "Public Enemy Number One"
... because that's exactly what it is to our Economy, and exactly describes what it has done to us financially.
From the housing bubble collapse, to institutional meltdowns on Wall Street, to rampant unemployment, devastation of tax base, the rise in food and fuel prices, the ever-threatening insolvency of Social Security, private and public pension funds, and everything else, even the entire worldwide Great Recession, you can firmly and solidly blame ALL of that on the true culprit above all others: the one and only abortion, because financially-speaking, there's nothing else quite really like it for ensuring crashes in wealth destruction.
The silver lining is that, precisely because this catastropic financial impact directly harms *everyone*, not just certain categories of people, it easily transcends all other discussions, and gets right to the urgent heart of required solution:  Abortion must stop now.
We have seen endless debate over "the usual suspects" - morality, religion, ethics, 'techniques', States' rights, bodily privacy, 'right' to choose, links to other health concerns, moment of life, personhood, and so forth and so on, some even to partial success.  But, all arguments that tend to pit roughly half of the people against the other half are - by definition and very nature - ultimately destined for large amounts of chaos and varying opinions... all of which causes inevitable delay in obtaining the final victory...  Instead, a much more direct argument, one that appeals to ALL sides in an endless debate, is the one that will finalize the end of discussion.
For the catastropic issue of abortion-on-demand, that singular argument is its truly horrific trainwreck upon the Economy, because not even the pro-choicers, nor the activist government agents, can deny the undeniable, overwhelming wake of financial annihilation that is the continuing nightmare legacy of abortion upon us all.  Moreover, a real solution requires a common understanding, derived via the use of common language.  When speaking with pro-choicers on the issue of abortion, we should already know they serve Mammon over serving God, and Psalms and Proverbs are full of reminders that the foolish will simply not listen to the righteous ways of Light, no matter how hard we try using those subjects.  Therefore, the common language is Mammon, i.e., money, i.e., the Economy, of which even pro-choicers and their agents will finally see the light, in the absolute, critical need to end abortion asap.
Consider the following.  Using any credible per-year statistics found online, such as (this linked one), we find that between 1960 and 1972, there were a total of about 1.3 million abortions during that pre-Roe time period, and then, starting after Roe, with 1973 and going through and counting 1989, there was another 23.8 million abortions in America.  Together, that's slightly over 25 million additional adult citizens, who would otherwise have been from age 18 through 48, living and working in the U.S., at the time of the mid-2008 economic meltdown, had they not been aborted as fetuses.  Counting from 1990 through and into that same mid-summer of 2008, there were approximately another 24.9 million abortions, or, those who would otherwise have been additional American children less than 18 years old at the time of the mid-2008 housing bubble and Economy meltdown.
In other words, at the time of the mid-2008 Economy meltdown, there were only a mere 305 million total Americans, some 230 million of which were already adults.  But, without the existence of abortion-on-demand, America would have had 355 million total in population, about 255 million of those as adults.  25 million more adult consumers, and 25 million more youth consumers...  That raw difference building up and missing, over time, finally pulled the entire rug out from under an Economy that was and is root based upon, and necessarily keyed to, expectation and required need of population growth, just to financially maintain the status quo, year after year after year...  Abortion pulled the plug out of the Economy bathtub, and our nation's wealth began to start draining away.
Even now, in late 2011, the American housing industry and real estate markets are in worse shape than they were in mid-2008, when decades of foundational foolishess (abortion) finally began to rear its deeply-nested, ugly heads within our financial markets.  Just one month or so ago, when things are even worse than before, the Fed reported some 15.9 million homes now in foreclosure trouble, with Fannie and Freddie handling approximately 50%, or about 31 million, of the entire nation's total home mortgage loans on account.  That's a total of around 62 million home mortgages currently owed in America between Fannie, Freddie, and all the other private banks, etc., combined together.  There continues to hover a total inventory of around 4 million (all: existing and new) homes listed as available for sale in America at any given moment, and with a total of around 5 million homes sold in all of America every year.  However, before the Economic meltdown of 2008, there was usually only around 1.5 million total existing + new homes listed for sale at any given moment.  As the cycle became worse, in January of 2010 there were already some 18.9 million vacant homes, altogether in America, out of a total of around 131 million homes/households, and a couple months ago, Time magazine reported the figure still at extreme excess, at 15.9 million vacant homes.  It is not difficult to understand that, had there been an additional 20-25 million adult consumers in America - who were otherwise never aborted before birth - also needing their own homes/households, that the mortgage bubble meltdown of 2007-2009 would not have even happened, at all, whatsoever, and today our housing industry (and all the millions upon millions of good-paying jobs that rely upon it) would be just as strong and healthy as ever, and our vast real estate markets (and all the financial markets that are keyed into them) would also be just as strong and healthy as ever...  Indeed, the entire world - which was basing its finances upon the world currency reserve, i.e., our U.S. Dollar - would have most probably never experienced the recent Great Recession, at all, or at least only as some marginal blip passed by.
And, that's just taking *only* the additional American adults, who would have been ages 18-48 now, had they not been aborted, into consideration for just that one financial aspect of American housing and real estate.  Don't forget, if not for abortion-on-demand, there would have *also* been another 25 million some additional children in America, which would have required *another* many millions of families to upgrade and buy bigger, roomier homes/households - adding even more fuel and value continuously into the ever-growing housing, real estate and financial markets, even above and beyond the positively-stabilizing effects of what would have been those 20-25 million additional adult homebuyers...  The combined effect of NOT aborting some 50+ million American adult and youth consumers would have very easily avoided even the slightest notion of "recession" from anywhere within our normal conversations.
But, that's just the real estate aspect of our Economy that has been utterly devasted by the existence of abortion-on-demand...
Let's talk about the American motor vehicle industry.  Once again, we're talking about another huge sector of the Economy having vast ripple effects, and along with several business feeder chains, comprise many more millions of good-paying jobs on the line, and also tying directly into various financial markets with a very significant overall impact.  The exact same negative financial "vacuum" effects of abortion are seen in similar manner.  From 1960 until 2009, the ratios of total U.S. population, versus U.S. licensed drivers, versus registered vehicles in America, slowly transformed from (1960) at about 1/2 of the population having a driver's license, and only 7 cars per every 10 licensed drivers, to (2009) about 2/3 of the population having a driver's license, and there being 5 cars for every 4 drivers.  From 1999 to 2007, the heyday of American motor vehicle production and sales, every year averaged 17 million new units sold, more or less.  Old cars also get scrapped every year, at the same time, for steel and other uses.  In 2009, we scrapped 14 million vehicles, but only produced and sold 10 million new vehicles, actually reducing our nation's "fleet" of passenger vehicles from 250 million, down to 246 million.  That was also the first year China exceeded America in total new car production/sales, the first year any nation ever surpassed America's long-standing position as undisputed worldwide king of the motor vehicle industry.
But, again, if there had NOT been abortion-on-demand, and just like the effects within the housing/real estate world, that's another 25 million some additional adult consumers for the various shiny products rolling off the Big Three's dealer showroom floors, and another 25 million new children vehicle passengers out there, requiring another several million families to upgrade their smaller cars for larger and more expensive vehicles.  GM, Ford and Chrysler would have *never* needed any bailouts, whatsoever, because they would still all three be working hard to keep up with growing demand every year.  Indeed, the numbers translate into a roughly 10% increase in consumer demand per year, every year, over what they have instead had...  That's a whopping amount of demand, not only far more than enough to have continually fueled tremendously-solid growth in all three of the Big Three automakers, but probably also to have precluded some of the former sub-brands (Oldmobile, Plymouth, Saturn, etc.) from ever going away, in the first place...  The automotive corporations, their supply chains, factory workers, and their financial institutions would still be singing at the tops of their profits voices, like cruising along in a convertible on a bright, sunny day.  However, America, as a nation, can genuinely thank abortion-on-demand for pumping the brakes hard against all of that.  And, they talk about a deer being blinded by the headlights?
Repeating for good and clear measure, if not for abortion, America would today have nearly 11% more adult consumers than it does now, would today have approx 33% more youth consumers (approx 75 million v. approx 100 million), and would today have an overall 16-17% total more consumers within the equation, needing not only many millions of additional homes and cars, but also millions of additional car insurance policies, millions of additional homeowner's insurance policies, millions of more life insurance policies, and many millions upon millions upon millions of additional big electronics goods, major appliances, vacation trips, smartphones, savings and checking accounts in many more bank branches, various pieces of furniture and lawn and garden items, literally untold millions - even billions - of additional clothing items, shoes and other accessories, cosmetics, medicines and medical treatments, as well as cans, boxes and bags of pet foods, and the lists become even more lists, and it all goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on...  an incredible total number of effects, everywhere, far too large and vast to even reasonably grasp in its awesome true scope.
But, let's don't just stop there.., because the overwhelming impact of abortion-on-demand is certainly not limited to just physical business production enterprises...  It's also clearly about jobs - millions upon millions upon millions of jobs - everywhere, in virtually everything you could ever even think of, literally from soup to nuts.  The above paragraphs give just a brief iceberg tip look into the wide universe of consumer-driven economic benefits, and that's only the supply-and-demand side of things, as just one aspect of abortion devastating our overall Economy.  But, what about jobs?  What do jobs mean to (our) governments, that are *also* paid for (by us), i.e., that also have a direct economic interest to us?  Well, without these many millions upon millions of additional (non-aborted) now-adult workers and (non-aborted) children buying additional products and fueling continuous economic growth strength, we see that demand and supply eventually will swap ratio paths, and the whole ball of wax begins melting - sales are down, so business has to cut back in order to try and remain alive until sales revive, so jobs are temporarily lost, then permanently lost, bills get unpaid, financial institutions post unexpected large losses, shareholders suddenly can't afford lavish Christmas parties, so retail demand goes further down, and the cycle gets even more vicious as time passes by...
In other words, without those 50+ million additional, would-have-been American consumers (aborted), eventually would come a point where there would simply not be enough overall, consistent demand growth, to keep the other 230 some million adults (a number which also continously grows..) all working at full enough pace, and the longer that abortion-on-demand was tolerated and allowed, the greater the disparency lag became over time, and the economically worse it got... it was all bound to happen, sooner or later, and only the magical brilliance of some pretty fancy accounting games kept the numbers deceivingly floating for longer than they otherwise would have zonked.
Simply put, because of abortion, the inescapable mathematical progression consequences eventually crashed into each other, and the Economy shrieked into a hundred-car pile-up on the highway, bouncing some damages backwards into everything else nearby, including jobs.  And, without jobs, the government's tax revenue base plummets, causing even deeper financial troubles, not only for maintaining services, but exponential future financial disaster for something still lurking in the shadows...  Just like the pension funds of large private corporations dramatically impacted by huge, consistently-sustained losses in the Economy, so do the various unions of both private business and of local, state and our federal governments likewise get slammed by the slowly-unfolding consequences of having the rug of its own "supply and demand" chain pulled out from under it, by widespread losses of jobs, and therefore of tax revenues.  While a separate argument can easily be made for reduction of overall government, anyway, that's a whole 'nuther subject, for another day.  The point of abortion-on-demand is that it is also clearly responsible, through wide losses of jobs, and therefore by large and sustained losses of government "business" income (individual and corporate tax revenue streams), of wreaking utter havoc and devastation into our nation's various types of pension funds and similar financial instrument accounts.
In fact, this is the exact core reason behind the ever-threatening implosions of Social Security, Medicare, and etc.  For since time began in very ancient civilization, every nation has inherently relied upon the basic mathematical feed of an ever-growing younger population providing for the needs of the older population, which is (was) always smaller in number than the middle-aged, which is (was) always smaller in number that the younger now-working adults.  You can call it a pyramid, or maybe even a "ponzi scheme", but that's how it has always worked.  Whether talking about a franchise business chain, a family farming operation, major political party structuring, insurance underwriting, petition drives, religious endeavors, or whether about many other different kinds of things in life, there is just no escaping the basic, universal mathematical design, of the many at the bottom feeding the fewer at the top.  Social Security and the other similar government accounts are no different - because of abortion, they cannot escape the mortal wounds forever.  At some point, even with fancy accounting, they *must* collapse under their own interminable, insolvent weight.
Of course, we could go even further and deeper into various other aspects impacting our Economy in progressively-negative ways, too, but you get the idea about all of the vast *unintended* consequences of abortion-on-demand.  However, there are also the many intended and known consequences of abortion impacting our Economy, such as insanely and actually *subsidizing* abortion with taxpayer dollars, or, for that matter, with ANY funding, whatsoever - for, when you begin to fully understand the horrific nightmare that abortion has caused into our Economy, why would anyone even think of funding or promoting our own financial doom, at all?  Then, there's also the costs of abortion recovery, the permanent social and mental scars, costs of lobbying for and against abortion, costs of research for and against, costs of litigation, and enormous costs in American time and communications and productivity being wasted on even having such a truly frivolous and ridiculous debate in the first place...  It is utter insanity, currently in progress.
And yet, ALL of the above is STILL not even covering the full bases...  What if we started to discuss probability statistics on how many of those now-aborted 50+ million fetuses would have eventually grown up to invent new technologies, new products, new medicines, new scientic discoveries, new artistic expressions, new forms of music - and, once again, it goes on and on and on...
There's one thing to be clear within such "what if" predictions:  At the very least, we can be sure that some of those new ways would have either increased and/or saved the lives of some unknown more millions of Americans, all of which would have strengthened our Economy even that much more, under any and all of the previous scenario descriptions above...
No, to be absolutely plain, as plain as the nose on our own face, abortion-on-demand IS, by far away and above, THE single most central contributing factor to have imploded our once-mighty Economy, from the inside out, and into the twisted trainwreck it now is.
There can be no more *reasonable* discussion, once including the sheer and overwhelming financial aspect into the debate, that abortion-on-demand must cease, nor that the timing of that must be immediate, if not sooner.  Raw financial mathematics simply do not lie.  Even the pro-choicers and their godless liberal agents, while denying morality, ethics and everything else reasonable, still cannot deny straight-up, glaring, juggernaut conclusions of all-encompassing mathematics.  The simple, inescapable truth is that America just cannot afford to have abortion, and never could afford to have it before, either...  Within any given individual pregnancy there will *always* be high emotions, but, as for America, the nation, itself, we simply cannot afford it, and never could...
No, the question is not whether or when abortion should be terminated as a legally-accepted practice.  Indeed, the issue is, in true and obvious fact, a very highly important national security issue, and simply well put as:  abortion = national financial insanity.  The truth is painfully crystal clear:  Every single government leader should immediately declare a full moratorium against abortion, as fast as is business-day possible, just for the financially-horrific consequences alone.  All 50 state Governors and/or Legislatures should immediately enact whatever is reasonable and appropriate, even by special, emergency action as available...  Except for the (fairly rare) traditional exceptions, i.e., in case of rape, incest, or imminent harm or death of the mother, all abortions should, in fact, be criminalized again, as being directly against the compelling interest and law of the state in protecting life for its economy to survive, plain and simple.  No, the real question is not whether or when to cease abortion-on-demand - the only possible answer, financially-speaking, is yes and absolutely immediately.  The real question concludes this communication to you, and the solution is left up to the experts out there, over just how fast, and in what ways, to recapture our best nominal population growth again, after doing away with virtually all abortion (except for within the rare exception scenarios).
Make no mistake - four plus decades of allowing widespread abortion-on-demand, up to a massive 1/3rd of all otherwise-live births for many years, has definitely and deeply left a mathematical gash askew in our population age level ratios.  But, even after terminating 99.x% of all abortions, as fast as administratively and/or legislatively possible - even if all completely done, for the entire nation, by the end of this next business week - that would STILL leave America mathematically crippled for some 25 to 35 years yet to come, before things finally began to level off again, all on their own.  What must actually happen, in order to get America back on financial track sooner, is accelerating population recapture back to nominal growth ratios.  In other words, we need more babies being born, and lots of them...  What we need to implement, just as immediately as stopping abortion, itself, is some form of tax credits and/or other types of social and/or financial incentives, to reward marriages that stay together and produce more than 2.1 replacement offspring, i.e., we actually need, and even desperately need, financially and mathematically speaking, many millions of marriages to produce either 3, 4, or 5 children, and that means, in fact, many millions more than the ones who already are having that many children.  We need, as a long-term national security interest for America's economic survival and renewal, for the "experts" out there to figure out how many extra children should be encouraged, for how many years in a row, and etc., to get us back into the correct flight path - something akin to how NASA engineers had to balance a shuttlecraft's just-right angle for re-entry back into our own thin atmosphere:  too little of an angle and we will skip off into outer space, but too much of an angle and we will dive into a flaming burn.
Even the pro-choicers and their wayward government agents cannot deny the horrific, utterly devastating financial nightmare of what allowing abortion-on-demand has done to America's Economy, and, for the exact same reasons, also unto the economies of other nations, all around the world...  Indeed, the very first major industrialized nation to finally end abortion-on-demand will be *lightyears* ahead, economically, in the global aftermath race to restore national treasuries, currency values, and personal wealth.  That nation, whether America or another, will instantly gain several percentage points in the big scheme of world economic competitive advantage, just because of how mathematics trend out in lag delay and progression rate on these financial issues...
Money: It is the common language that pro-lifers can speak *with* pro-choicers, and where common solution will finally be reached, because they can also see the direct effects upon even themselves....  So, forget about the endless debates, and cut to the chase.
As either common sense and/or pro-life voices in America, each of you should quickly put out the new Word to all of your own followers and subscribers, urgently produce and distribute new audio and video and printed materials, and so forth and so on, further encouraging all citizens to immediately contact and demand their respective government leaders stop this madness asap.
Why?  Because the financial survival of *every single American*, as well as our nation, itself, absolutely hinges upon it.
May God speed and multiply your strong re-communications efforts to His Glory and saving Grace.

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