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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it

What is a dynasty? According to Myriam Webster it is a “powerful group or family which maintains a place of power for a considerable time.” Not coincidentally history shows us that all dynasties end up deteriorating into powerful persons who succumb to arrogance, debauchery and corruption. When one speaks of an American dynasty generally we think the powerful, arrogant and corrupt Kennedy’s but in America today many more lurk in the halls of that den of vice, iniquity and dishonesty we call the Houses of Congress.

Is it any wonder why in today’s political climate that “We the People” are viewed with such disdain and feeblemindedness as our Congress sees us? With Congressmen and Senators who are serving 30 or 40+ years in the same seat from the same district, they can’t help but view us as the unwashed masses as did the Pharos or Caesars.

Of the 541 elected to the House and Senate 40 have served for over 40 years with Carl Hayden (D-Az) leading the pack at 56 years and that functioning moron David Obey (D-Ok) is bringing up the rear of the class of 40+ with another 45 members serving for over 36 years. Is it any wonder they loose touch with reality? Statistics are boring so enough of the numbers but you get the point. None of us actually believe that this is remotely an example of service. These arrogant ne’er-do-wells simply sit on their ever expanding backsides, refusing to read the legislation that could become law collecting a salary three times the national average and enjoy the fruits of the best health care plan that only they are eligible for. On top of all that they are treated like royalty not only by the press but by us as well.

How did this happen? We let it happen! It is OUR FAULT! “We the People” are so damned busy with our own lives, work, making ends meet, kids to school, cheerleading and soccer practice that there is no time to study the candidates and issues, much less get to the polls on election day. Inadvertently we have left the election process to the unemployed, community activists, ACORN-ish buss loads of freeloaders who vote for Paul because he pays them with money he robbed from Peter. Naturally Paul will always win. Stop crying for term limits, they exist in the form of open voting every 2 years. Turn off “Prancing” with the Stars and American “Idle” go organize. Call the candidate you like and have a meeting at your house or somewhere convenient, invite your friends get the word out. Fill that gorgeous eco-destructive SUV of yours on Election Day and haul a few folks to the polls, hell make 2 or 3 trips. If gas is a problem take a collection because with the right person up there we could drill here and drill now and to hell with Arab oil.

When a horse gets too old to pull a plow or too sway backed to ride you put him out to pasture. Time to put these folks out to pasture, they haven’t pulled a plow in 40 years, why are we still feeding them?

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