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Another Call To Arms

All conservative Americans should be involved in the current brawl over the preservation of our freedoms. The liberals have this nation’s exposed back flat on the pavement. Most pedestrian Republicans are not dirty fighters, and we persist in believing that liberals possess some form of scruples. But, in fact, this really is a street fight – there are no referees, and (in case you have missed it) we have again been blindsided. They have taken more territory than we realize – even infiltrating our ranks. And especially when the machination of Obamacare gets bolted into place, it will probably never be dismantled because, like the cumbersome stickiness of nearly all government programs, too many offices will have been opened and too many bossy fat ladies will have been hired and sent into the field to pry into the sanctity of our homes and private lives.

Yet, even in the face of sanity’s near extinction, there are still trainloads of professing Christians out there who claim they are somehow above participating in our country’s political process. How can that be? They say that God is the only Lord they serve and that earthly government is not worthy of the attention of His children. They claim that God allows everything to happen and He alone controls the future. Well, on its face, I would ordinarily agree with that. Of course God is sovereign. But, in this instance, to our peril, Scripture is being torn from context – and here’s why:

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