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Barack Obama uses the March on Washington to attack his opponents. This man is shameless

Note:  This is from the UK The Telegraph!!  They don't like our Usurper either!


Barack Obama's speech on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington was classic Obama: beautifully delivered, moving, deceptive, divisive, frustrating. And, of course, it was far more about Barack Obama than it was Martin Luther King Jr.

It started with a history lesson, a reminder of the significance of that bright shining moment in 1963 – when thousands of ordinary Americans, "assembled here in our nation's capital under the shadow of the great emancipator to offer testimony of injustice, to petition their government for redress, and to awaken america's long slumbering conscience." For all Americans – left and right – that's the kernel of what the Civil Rights is all about as a moral project: the winning of human rights as defined by the Constitution, denied by corrupt men and finally won by a popular movement of the little people. Obama shifted attention from King's golden oratory – his "mighty voice" – to the folks who actually made change possible. The ladies who refused to move to the back of the bus, the students who ate at whatever counter they liked, the citizen who insisted on their right to vote. It's an all-American story because it reflects both the flaws of America and its great promise – the promise that an individual can do whatever they want to do with sufficient struggle and determination.

But those folks didn't just come to Washington to ask for votes fifty years ago. They wanted jobs, too. And here's where the conservative and liberal understanding of "freedom" divides. The conservative dream is of a free market in which individuals are free to rise and fall by the strength of their talents and character. The liberal dream is a system in which there is greater equality of outcome, facilitated by the government. "Liberty is linked to one's livelihood", said the President. And I could, as a curious historian, accept this as a simple statement of personal belief – but Obama just could not resist using lingering poverty as a cudgel to beat over the head of his political opponents. He attacked "greed is good" (that was said in a movie, sir, not by any Republican president), trickle-down and those who question the wisdom of big spending. By implication, the Right are anti-civil rights because they will not use government to bring about its full promise of greater economic equality.

And you wonder why Republicans won't deal with this President? He uses a day that ought to be marked by national unity as an opportunity to deliver a stump speech, even though he's not running for election. The contrast between the artistry of his rhetoric and the ugliness of some of its assumptions is so great that the objective listener is left confused. Are we here to celebrate America's genius or damn its failures?

But Obama being Obama, he finished on a note that will grab the headlines and distract the mainstream media from the partisanship that only conservatives can see. "They're marchin'!" he said of the teacher, the worker, the single parent, the great individuals who make up the citizenry of that great country. "They're marchin'!" And indeed they are.

What a brilliant country this is that it is never satisfied with itself. It fought a war for freedom, a war to end slavery, a war to help free Europe from fascism, a war against Communism, and a war (often violent) on racism at home. And the greatest tribute to Martin Luther King's contribution is that it is now led by an African-American. For all the things that divide and impoverish it, the USA is a bloody marvellous miracle of human endeavour.


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