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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it

After being aware of the NWO for over 30 years I feel feel a little embarrassed that I was not "Prepared" for the economic tsunami that is upon us. The last several years have been like a poker game I've been playing, hoping to get a decent hand. Like so many other small business owners...the decent hand was never dealt. At 57 years old I find myself now treading water and avoiding bill collectors. Regardless of what you hear on mainstream media about the miraculious recovery... we are in economic freefall. There's no such thing as a "jobless recovery" ...there's no such thing as "spending our way out of debt"...there's no such thing as "printing counterfiet Federal Reserve notes to pay the huge debt"...Do we get it yet???? I certainly hope so, but I still see the kool-aid drinking, slack-jawed yuppies going along to get along with the rape and pilage of our country. If you like it then enjoy's here...wake up and smell the NWO coffee. As I was taking down the website of my now bankrupt business I noticed something. I used to write a newsletter every month. I went back to 2001 and found this. I wrote a short story of how folks would fare in a crisis. The first family lives in a huge city, the second in a rural setting. Do not rule out false flag operations during times of crisis. This is an old tool of the elite to keep us scared to death and in line with their agenda. Rest assured...9-11 was an inside job! With the current crisis I do NOT rule out another false flag operation. Please take five minutes to read this prophetic short story I wrote 8 years ago called "Being Prepared"

Mike Miller

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