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Bill Maher: Trump ‘Wants to be’ Kim Jong-un

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher argued that President Trump “wants to be” North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, and asked, “does his love of dictators foreshadow him trying that sh*t here?”

Maher said Trump, “apparently, really likes to pal around with dictators. Remember Obama used to pal around with terrorists? Well, this guy, I mean, just — first of all, a couple of weeks ago, he talked about the maniac in Turkey, who had a plebiscite that basically ended democracy in Turkey, and he gave him a congratulatory call. Great dictating, man. Okay, then we have Putin. He loves Putin, right? That…guy in the Philippines. … Sisi from Egypt, he had him over at the White House, great guy, because he’s a dictator. And Kim Jong-un. This is unbelievable. Kim Jong-un puts out a video at the beginning of the week, where, it’s a stimulation of bombs…coming over to the White [House]. … Then, three days later, Trump says, I’d be ‘honored’ to meet him.”

Maher then stated, “He doesn’t hate Kim. He wants to be him. He wants to have military parades. He wanted to have tanks in the street for his inauguration…

Me Here.....Bill Maher is a great example of how far off the looney left is today!  He has no clue as to what President Trump wants to do.  Bill Maher just Fake News it to stay in good with the looney left!

Mr. Maher, who was leading Egypt before Sisi?  It was the "Muslim Brotherhood".  That is another name for Isis.  You guy, Usurper Barry Soetoro was all in for them. 

I am not saying the other guys are good guys.  I am saying you have to deal with who is in power.  You can't deal with imaginary leaders. 

Mr. Maher, you can not pretend that Hillary is President.  You have to deal with the fact that Trump won and is President.  President Trump didn't steal the election.  And for the record, your side did twice with an unconstitutional usurper, Barry Soetoro.  The great disaster for America and your party!  Yet you revere this idiot of idiots!  That is getting close to something not good!

Mr. Maher, your side is so off base that I see so call mental health people trying to convince people that President Trump is mentally unfit to be President.  I think these people need to be recertified before seeing another person. They try to diagnose mental issues without meeting with the person.  They say it is the best way.  That is crazy!

I have to conclude that to the left today, they re so off base that to them if you are not goose stepping with them, you have to be nuts.  I say it is the other way around.  If you are not goose stepping with the left, you are for freedom and against a dictatorship here.

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