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Black Conservatives: Crucified by the Left, Ignored by the Right!

At a tea party in Lakewood Ranch Florida, I invited all veterans to join me on stage as I sang “God Bless the USA” in tribute to them. It was truly a moving experience. Veterans, old, young and active service men and women came forward. The audience applauded wildly expressing their love for them. Such tributes NEVER happen at left wing secular progressive events. Their goal is ALWAYS about tearing down America, as opposed to Celebrating America, which I do in my original song, “Celebrate America”.

Regarding the “hyphenated American issue”. I begin every rally/tea party with, “I am NOT an African-American! I am Lloyd Marcus...AMERICAN!!!” I am stunned by how powerful this proclamation has been with audiences. It really strikes an emotional chord. People come with tears in their eyes to thank me. These patriots crave unity as Americans. They say it is fine to honor one's heritage but, first and foremost, we should be Americans embracing our traditions, language and culture.

Frances Rice, Chairman, National Black Republican Association ( gave an amazing, passionate and informative speech at the Lakewood Tea Party. Sadly, most blacks who are enslaved on the liberal plantation will never hear Rice's powerful reasons for blacks to vote differently. Frances with her passion, facts and figures, and I, with my singing, humor and heartfelt appeal, would be a GREAT tag team at events targeted to getting the TRUTH to black Americans.

As singer/songwriter of the “American Tea Party Anthem” which I have performed at tea parties around the U.S., only Bill Hemmer on Fox News has interviewed me. Hannity aired my anthem April 15th on his program without showing my black face. Meanwhile, Garafalo gets away with saying the tea parties are only white tea bagging redneck racists. I'm the black elephant in the middle of the tea party movement living room ignored by the MAJOR conservative media.

I sincerely appreciate and thank God for the bloggers, radio and conservative websites. You guys have embraced me and my music. But, to most of America, black conservatives are as rare as Bigfoot sightings.

Frustrated, I keeping asking, why aren't strong conservatives like Frances Rice, myself and others supported and featured on Hannity, Beck, Rush and others. Black conservatives are crucified by the left and ignored by the right. We will keep fighting the 'good fight' because we are God ordained to do so. As the famous line in the Blues Brothers movie, “We're on a mission from God!” It's in out hearts. But candidly, WE NEED HELP! God bless, Lloyd

Lloyd Marcus, Songwriter & Vocalist of the “American Tea Party Anthem”.
President, NAACPC (National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of Color)

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