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British Health Care Predictably Running Out Of Money

In Decline: How bad are things in Great Britain's national  health care system? Bad enough that officials are now recruiting cheaper foreign  doctors to save money.

According to the Press Trust of India, "Britain's cash-strapped National  Health Service is planning to strike up a series of health care deals in India,  including inviting Indian doctors to treat patients in the U.K., in a bid to  boost its coffers.

"The proposals center around NHS doctors being flown to India to treat  patients in a bid to raise cash for British hospitals and less-expensive Indian  doctors coming to the U.K. to perform operations."

The British health care system, the one that Americans are supposed to be  jealous of, is itself in poor financial health. It is projected to have a nearly  $47 billion deficit in 2020 — a huge sum in a country whose economy is one-sixth  the size of the U.S. economy.

In other words, this socialist system is running out of other people's money  to spend.

How could this have happened? Is it due to the "free" nature of  government-run British health care?

Of course there's no such thing as free health care, just as there's no such  thing as a free lunch. The "free" health care the British use is paid for by tax  revenue, not the patient. This conditions the population to think that the care  is free and invites overuse, since users have no incentive to ration their own  care.

After all, the money doesn't come directly out of patients' pockets. Why not  go to the doctor for petty health conditions they wouldn't seek treatment for if  they had to pay out of pocket at the time of the office visit? Not only does  this increased demand jack up costs, it also lengthens wait times.

Two years ago, the British media reported that NHS costs had tripled over the  previous decade. (U.S. health care spending doubled over roughly that same  time.)

Two months ago, the London Telegraph cited an official report that said  "Britain's health services stand on the brink of financial crisis."

Just as the U.S. will soon be unable to pay Social Security benefits because  there won't be enough workers to support the growing number of retirees, Britain  is "struggling to meet the demands of an aging population," says the  Telegraph.

Simply put, Britain has put itself in unsustainable straits with its  government-run health care.

Unfortunately, this is the future of U.S. health care, too. The only way out  is to replace ObamaCare with freedom-preserving, market-guided solutions.


Me Here........We are always told that Britain's National Health Care system is so great.  What is great about this???  This is already the VA Health Care for Veterans here.  It isn't very good!  I know, I have used the system and so did my late Father.


This is just another great reason to end Barry's Death Care!

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