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Citizenship is Moot! Meroni V ISBE moves on to the Illinois Supreme Court

Below is the link to the post updating you on Meroni V ISBE.  I have more to say on the topic, and will post further later today or tomorrow.

 Please join us at for updates on this case.  Also please join us at Defend the Vote to follow the progress of the first-ever Citizen empowered Audit in Illinois.


From Notes From My Desk at Defend the Vote: Read the article here

If someone is placed on your ballot, does that mean they are constitutionally eligible?  Who assures candidates placed on the ballot are constitutionally eligible?

These are the two of the central questions in Meroni v ISBE.  This case began in June 2010 when I challenged all Third Party candidates during the qualification process for ballot placement in Illinois. [i] I asked each candidate to prove they are constitutionally eligible for ballot placement.  Some proved that they were, some did not respond and some candidates filed a motion to dismiss my objections. MORE HERE

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Comment by Chalice on October 16, 2011 at 12:03pm

Thinking about this, this morning... 

There are several issues in this matter.  Some covered by the upcoming challenge to the Illinois Supreme Court and some not.

If you live in Illinois and ballot placement in relation to constitutional eligibility is important to you, please contact me for solutions.

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