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Current Obama Suit: Dr. Taitz explains were she stands as of today...

2/28/2009: Current Obama Suit: Dr. Taitz explains were she stands as of today:

Dr. Taitz states:
I believe, we have good plaintiffs. (80 + Military Personnel - active duty and retired: See below)

What we didn't have so far, is a judge with the guts and a spine to sign a judicial subpoena to demand BO's vital records.It is a reasonable thing to do, judges sign judicial subpoenas every day; and any judge, anywhere in the country is entitled to do it, since BO has subjected himself to each and every jurisdiction in the country, by runing as a presidential candidate, and every judge is entitled to know, if the candidate defrauded the residents of his district. After the subpoena is issued, BO will have to comply and produce his records, or otherwise he will be in contempt of court . I suspect, that small town, red state judges are more likely to issue a subpoena. Keep in mind: local judges have to run for office and typically they are closer to real people, who demand answers. Federal judges and the Supreme court were not elected, they are political appointees and more likely to go with the establishment . A local judge in any red state can sign two pieces of paper: a pro hac vice, allowing me, as an out of state attorney to represent a client in his jurisdiction and a subpoena for a production of documents by BO. The moment a judicial subpoena is signed (it is different from the subpoena issued by an attorney), I suspect BO will not comply, since he knows he is ineligible. His lawyers will try to appeal, however I believe, that higher state courts will not overturn this decision by the lower state judge, as they know, that the pressure on BO is building and there will be revolt in their state, if they overturn. I think BO will try Supreme court, but I believe, it will be Watergate#2, SCOTUS will not overturn either and BO will choose to resign. This might be the most probable scenario among several scenarios.


The list of commissioned and non-commissioned military personnel who are challenging Obama's eligibility continues to grow. Here's the latest:

** Brigadier General US Air Force, (Ret) Charles E. Jones
** Major General (Ret) Carroll D. Childers P.E. Commanding General 29TH Infantry Division VA ARNG
** Colonel (Ret) Harry Riley former division chief national security agency
** 1LT OD/LG Scott R. Easterling Active Army Iraq Duty
** LtCol. David A. Earl-Graef USAFR MC
** SSgt Brian A Keith USMC
** Charles L. Miller, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret)
** Major James Cannon USMC (Ret)
** Police Sgt. and USN Cmdr. Clinton Grimes

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