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DEMOCRAT SCANDAL: Elected Detroit Judge Collects $140,000 Salary But Never Showed Up For Work!

Democrat elected Judge Kahlilia Davis is in hot water after it was discovered that she collected a $175,000 salary, but had never shown up for work.
Davis became an elected District Court Judge in Michigan’s 36th District in January 2017. There are currently 29 other judges in this circuit who show up to work every day. Kahlilia however, until last week, hadn’t shown up to work one single time since being sworn in.
To make matters worse, after she finally did show up, Davis sued her boss, Nancy Blount, chief judge of the court for removing her from the bench presiding over cases.
“based on your demonstrated inability to perform her duties … you, Judge Kahlilia Y. Davis, are hereby prohibited from presiding over any 36th District Court cases.”
Rob Wolchek did a story about how Judge Kahlilia Davis hadn’t come to work ever since she’d been elected

Davis also claimed at the time that Blount was using “retaliatory harassment” against her while she wasn’t working because Davis had defeated Blount’s step-grandson in the election.
The lawsuit alleges Blount used “draconian power” to remove Davis from hearing cases. She also says Blount has used her position to “harass, annoy and embarrass” her by classifying sick days as vacation days, ordering her not to return until further notice after her lengthy sick leave, failing to provide her with training, and inappropriately disciplining her.
The suit notes Blount has no right to override the democratic process by refusing to seat a judge who was democratically elected. Davis wants to regain her seat on the bench and have Blount pay her attorney fees, and any other “relief the court deems just and proper.”
So now the judge who was a no-show after being elected, is basically being told she has to go to the 36th District Court for work – but can’t hear any cases.
First, Davis said she needed time off for a trip to Germany.
On the day of her swearing in, Davis asked the court if she could begin her term with time off for a trip to Germany. Chief Judge Nancy Blount denied the request, to which Kahlilia informed the court she recently had surgery and wouldn’t be able to start right away.
Davis said that she had surgery that left her with a staph infection and open wounds.
As a result, she claimed that the staph infection kept her from being around anyone until she was better. Local investigative reporter Rob Wolcheck spotted Davis out and about. She went to Sams Club, the gym, and even the credit union. Wolcheck also saw Davis going to the courthouse on February 15th, but it was only to pick up her paycheck.
Davis filed an 18-page complaint asking a higher court to take control of the district court and rescind Blount’s order.
A legal expert said Friday that Davis’ complaint is unusual. It’s rare for judges to publicly air differences with fellow judges.
Davis claims in the “Complaint for Writ of Superintending Control” that she’s being unfairly punished by Blount because the chief judge is resisting Davis’ attempts to uphold litigants’ rights in court.
She called Blount’s order removing her from cases “a clear abuse of power” and an attempt to “harass, annoy and embarrass Judge Davis.”
Davis’ history before being elected was wild as well.
Her past includes the federal government placing a $35,000 tax lien on her. She was late paying her Wayne County property tax.
And she had been a defendant in the court she was running for election in. She was sued by Ally Financial for $16,000. Davis lost and was slapped with a judgment.
She was sued and lost in 2015 in 36th District Court as well. In 2012 she filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
Judge Davis filed again for bankruptcy in April even though her salary is $138,000 a year.
Davis already has 4 complaints about her decisions in the short time she has actually been on the bench.
How does this happen? How does a waste of time like Kahlilia Davis even get elected? Of course, this is Detroit. The city that Democrats have demolished over the decades.
Entitlement mentality at it’s finest.

Me Here......This so called Judge is just plain criminal!  She is a complete disgrace.  She should swiftly become a defendant in court.

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